The priceless lessons I learned from my (almost) bankruptcy
28 juli 2017 
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The priceless lessons I learned from my (almost) bankruptcy

A long time ago I was very unhappy

I left my previous husband with a lot of negative energy. It was a toxic relationship. It took me years to shake off that destructive energy. That did not happen without a fight.

Money is linked to people and emotions

Huh, what does that have to do with my bankruptcy? A lot! Money is not just a way of paying, there are so many emotions (and people) attached.

Let me go on with my story.

The love of my life

Years later, after the divorce from my previous husband, I went to live together with my present husband. He is a great, loving and trustworthy man. The love of my life.

At that moment, I had my first business, in which I did a lot of different things: caring for seniors at their home, career coaching, selling a food supplement and recruiting distributors for that food supplement. I had a good income.

That food supplement was sold through so-called network marketing. You are trying to interest your family and friends to become a distributor and if they sell something, you get a portion of their sales.

The one who made me a distributor promised me the moon. Within a few months I would earn 1000 – 2000 euros a month, she said. I left my other activities (which made money) and focused on recruiting distributors.

Almost bankrupt

I failed badly. Whatever I did, I did not get any distributors. Meanwhile, I did not earn a penny. To cover the costs, I took the money I promised my daughter to study from. I also withdrew all money from a loan till there was nothing left. At the end I was 30.000 euro in debt and almost bankrupt.

I faced the situation, decided to stop my business (the other activities took too long to restart), to find a job and to improve my financial situation. In no time I found a good paying job, I started earning money again and I could save for my daughter’s study (everything got on its feet again).

How in heaven did that happen?

I did not understand how I got into that situation and looked within.

I found out that I was manipulated by the person who made me a distributor. She was a coach who promised the moon during coaching me. This was totally unethical, of course: you shouldn’t mix up coaching with commercial activities. But at that time I was so vulnerable that I didn’t recognize her manipulation.

The real reason: I just wasn’t used to so much happiness

But the real reason was: I lived together with a fantastic great man, life was good. I was not used to so much happiness, I came from a relationship in which there were always crises, arguments or angry silences.

I simply could not bear that it went well. So I (unconsciously) sabotaged my happiness and created money problems. Then it was at least a crisis that felt familiar. Much later I discovered other patterns that made me spend money once again when I had it (money problems have many layers). 

Priceless lessons

Although it was a profound experience, I am happy with the lessons my bankruptcy taught me. Those lessons were priceless!

I have learned that I can allow myself plenty of love, happiness and success (and thus receive it). I recognize the signals of self-sabotage and when that happens, I know that it is time to allow myself even more love, happiness and success.

More than you think it’s you who undermines your success

Do you recognize something in this story? Are you sabotaging yourself when things go well? Do you create money & time problems when you make a big leap forward? When you have success, do nasty things always happen? 

Most spiritual entrepreneurs do not know that they are sabotaging themselves. It seems as if things outside are undermining their success. But more than you think it’s you, that keeps you from success.

Allowing yourself success, money and time is necessary to achieve your higher purpose. If you don’t allow yourself to be successful and are always in survival mode, you don’t have your hands free to work on your higher purpose.

On the other hand, if you are capable of undermining your success, you can also turn it in a positive direction! The first step is to recognize your inner saboteur in time.

Unmask your inner saboteur

So – especially for you – I made the great tool ‘Unmask your inner saboteur’.

With the intuitive tool’ Unmask your inner saboteur’, you connect to your success energy and saboteur energy. You will recognize the voice of your saboteur and distinguish what your saboteur wants you to do in order to destroy your success. This knowledge enables you to stop your saboteur and start with increasing your success. 

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