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What is Money & Time Healing™?

Money & Time Healing™: a unique spiritual method which allows you to receive more money, more time and more fulfillment. 

With the intuitive and practical tools from Money & Time Healing™ you will:

  • Align your life and business to your purpose, so that they become more joyful and meaningful
  • Make money & time decisions aligned with your purpose, and therefore actually have more income and freedom
  • Use your intuition and playfulness in creating your money & private time, so that doing business is just as fun and fulfilling as guiding your clients!

These methods and tools are made for spiritual entrepreneurs with a big mission, but who encounter money & time problems when trying to achieve their purpose. Money & Time Healing™ is a creation of Annie Massop. In all her creations, exercises, methods, healings, readings and coaching she works closely with the spirit world.

Money, Time & Fulfillment Stories

The requests for sessions continue to flow in

After the program, I let everything unfold naturally and in alignment with my higher purpose and feeling/heart. I go along with that energy, While I'm doing this, the requests for sessions continue to flow in. For me, this is proof that I am on the right track. No pressure but confidence!

Amy Keijzer,

They accepted my higher rate without hesitation!

Before the healing, I had a call from a new client asking how much I charge, I gave her my old rate. After the healing, 2 new people called and I immediately gave my new higher rate. They accepted my higher rate without hesitation! Also, my healing work was even stronger.

Nancy Lindgren,

money and time healing