Money and Time Healing with Annie Massop
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Annie Massop | Money & Time Healer

Because there is always enough money & time for you!

What is Money & Time Healing™?

Money & Time Healing™ is a set of spiritual methods which allows you to receive 

more money, more time and more fulfillment. 

These methods are designed for entrepreneurs who are determined to achieve their purpose but who have too little money or too little time.

With Money & Time Healing™ you will:

  • Align your life and business to your purpose. Your life becomes more joyful and meaningful.
  • Make aligned money & time decisions and therefore actually earn more money and have more time.
  • Use your intuition and spirituality for creating more money & time, which is exactly the way you like to learn and live!

Are you longing for more money and more time 

AND make your purpose come true?

Check out my programs to make that happen!

11-weeks program

MoneyTimeWheel Intensive

Walk The MoneyTimeWheel, Live According Your Inner Seasons And  Expand Your Money And Free Up Your Time!

3-months healing

Aligned Abundance

Receive More Money, More Time and More Fulfillment By Aligning Your Life and Work to Your Purpose

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