Time stood still, how my life changed completely in 1 second (love story!)
13 juni 2018 
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Time stood still, how my life changed completely in 1 second (love story!)

A friend invited me to a small reunion with study friends from the college of 25 years ago. The food was delicious, we recalled memories, it was a joyful atmosphere. We took a drink in a cafe. Afterward, we went to the house of that friend (where I would stay overnight). One of the men left after a while (it was already 12 o’clock in the night).

With us three, the conversation started about relationships and how scary it is to open yourself to someone else if you have had some annoying experiences.

Out of the blue, he said he was in love with me

The remaining man suddenly said to me (completely out of the blue) that he was in love with me. I did not know what happened to me! In my study time, I liked him already, but it never came to a relationship.

I started to cry (the way he looked at me touched me enormously). He said:” Will I sit next to you?”

Then I had to decide, do I say ‘yes’ or I do I say ‘no’? It felt as if the whole world stood still and waited for my answer. I wondered: “Will I let him come close to me (I had very bad experiences with my previous relationship), will I take the risk?”

In 1 second I made the decision

In 1 second I made the decision: “Yes, I let him come close to me.”

From that moment on, my life has changed completely. I experienced what is unconditional love, I experienced how it is to always have a listening ear, I felt how it is to feel safe and secure with someone (I had never experienced that in my life).

Through that unconditional love, I could (and still can) process the traumas from my youth and from my previous relationship and be at peace with them.

The rest is history: I’ve been together with my husband for 18 years, he’s the love of my life!

(This is the short version of the story, the extensive one I would like to tell you personally with a virtual cup of tea or coffee 😉

Your moment when time stood still

Have you ever had such a moment? Such a moment that time stood still? Such a moment that you took a decision in 1 second that completely changed the rest of your life?

Please leave your comment here below, I’ll always answer!

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