The reasons I did not do the work  (and your clients don’t either…..)
19 juli 2017 

The reasons I did not do the work (and your clients don’t either…..)

Some time ago, I had a client who didn’t do the work, regardless of what I did or said

She hired me because she had too little time in her life. She found it difficult to uplevel her business. In our initial conversation, she said that she was motivated to do the work.

However, this happened. She did NOT: 

  • Attend the Q&A sessions
  • Study the material in the e-learning environment
  • Use the Facebook group
  • Ask for help
  • Do the work to make change happen!

I was very frustrated!

Do you also have clients who don’t do the work and do you wonder why they don’t?

A look within first

When I asked myself this question, I had to look within first. When did I not do the work? Why did I keep on moving in an unhealthy way while I knew deep in my heart that I was not doing well?

I will tell you three situations in my life.


I was very successful in a management function, but I worked far too hard. There was no time for social contacts. Although I often hired help to improve my time management and worked more efficiently, I remained as busy as before.

When I received a very favorable bonus, I decided to take a sabbatical of at least a year. Great, now I had all time for myself!

But what happened during my sabbatical? Already in the first month, a very old trauma came up, a serious abuse that I had experienced as a little girl. So a big part of my sabbatical I was processing this trauma, which I suppressed so long by working too hard.

  • What trauma could your clients have? Did they experience abuse, bankrupt, early death of a parent, a violent relationship? What kind of event do they dare to not feel, which makes them unwilling to change?


After having a boss who I could not cooperate with, I got burned out and got sick. I initially thought that this burnout was because I had worked too hard and I was not able to deal with dominant bosses.

After a lot of therapy, I found out the real reasons: I was highly sensitive and I had ignored my spirituality. It caused me many tears, stress, and sleepless nights before I could accept these two facts. And it even took much more time to adjust my lifestyle to it.

  • What essential things do your clients not accept from themselves? What is the deep truth that they have been denying for so long and that they are so afraid of because it would change their whole lives?


My business was going well. I could use my spirituality, intuition, and sensitivity. I had enough clients and enough revenue. But still, I worked too hard, I had problems with my health and had to recover again. In addition, the expenses were far too high, so there was hardly any profit left.

This time I became aware something was wrong earlier than the previous times and I started to investigate my money and time blocks.

One of the main reasons for my time and money blocks was the energy I had taken over from my father. He came from a very poor family, my grandfather and he had to work hard for a little bit of money and they were also exploited.

I had the belief that if I earned a lot of money and would have a lot of time, I would be an exploiter too. So I spend too much and I made sure I organized my work in such a way that I was always busy.

After this awareness, I changed my business model and reduced my costs in a variety of way. So there was enough time and money left!

  • What messages and energies have your clients picked up from their parents, relatives, teachers, friends, and society that stop them from leading the life they want? Are these beliefs sabotaging their efforts?

After this self-examination, I understood more of the reasons my client did not do the work. I understood that she was not ready yet to face her traumas, fears, and blocks.

Do you have to keep working with clients who do not do the work?

Does this mean that you have to keep working with clients who do not do the work? No, of course not!

You have the right to set demands on your clients. You have the right to expect them to do the work. You have the right to say ‘No’ to clients who are not yet ready to deal with their problems.

Only clients who are willing to face their fears and who are prepared to step out of their comfort zone will get the results they want. This is an essential condition for successful guidance. You have the right to set that condition!

In addition, such clients will be fun and fulfilling to work with. When you spend your time in the most efficient way, you can attract even more clients and income because your client’s results are so good.

The key question for you!

Now, of course, the key question:

Are YOU willing to do the work, whatever the cost? Ready to do the work to get more time, more money and more impact?

Are you prepared to face your traumas, to fully accept your deepest truth, and to significantly adjust your lifestyle? Are you willing to let go of all the messages and energies that are not yours and that stop you from leading the life you want?

If the answer to all these questions is “Yes,” then we can talk ;-)!

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