I only saw it the next day…..
04 oktober 2017 
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I only saw it the next day…..

A lot was depending on my success

In one of my previous lives; -) I followed a training to become a computer programmer. The job prospects were very good. It was a heavy training, you were only allowed to pass when you had good grades. When you had more than one bad grade, you had to leave immediately.

There was a lot depending on my success, because I had become the provider for my family. I had to earn money for my husband and my two small children.

One day I was making a difficult program. When I tested the program the printer started spitting out meters of paper, because something was wrong in the coding. I was frustrated.

I checked the coding again, I tested it again. Another mountain of paper. I got worried, because I didn’t want to have a bad grade for this task.

I couldn’t find the mistake, everything looked fine. I asked someone else. No, I don’t see it either, he said.

I didn’t know which way to turn. I had red eyes from staring at the computer screen and was tired. In the meantime it was 5 o’clock, the classroom closed. I went home and decided to go to bed early.

The next day I saw it immediately

The next day I was rested. I looked at the program again and immediately saw what was wrong. I forgot to put a dot somewhere in the coding. This caused the programme to run out of steam!

I placed the dot, tested the program and made a good grade!

Why am I telling you this story?

Do the right thing at the right time

It is vital in your business that you do the right things at the right time. That you know when to stop an action and do something completely different. Or that you have to add a little extra gear.

If you master that skill, you can work pleasantly. You can then earn enough money in as little time as possible.

Most of us have never learned how to do this in our youth. In addition, our society is focused on action. We are constantly being bombarded with incentives to buy or do something. Social media demands our constant attention.  

It is especially hard for spiritual entrepreneurs. In order to do their spiritual work well, it is important to regularly turn inward and take rest. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, on the other hand, it is essential to be outward-looking, to maintain continuous contact with potential clients and to be active on social media.

Often, the balance between the two is far away. If you do too much, it is at the expense of your health, your private time, your inner peace and the quality of your spiritual work. If the balance moves to the other side, your wallet will be miserably empty or even in debt!

How can this be different?

Look at nature, look at the seasons

Seasons tell you exactly how you can grow in a natural way and how you can effectively use your energy. In other words, how you can earn more money in as little time as possible in a way that is aligned with your soul.

What does growth look like in nature?

  • In spring, nature begins to get going. Young, fresh leaves grow from the trees, the birds build a nest, the sun slowly gains strength.
  • In summer, nature is in full swing. The trees are plentiful in the leaves, birds fly off and on to feed their young, the sun is at its strongest.
  • In the autumn, nature is slowing down. Trees drop their leaves, the young birds have flown out of the nest and the sun loses heat. Seeds, nuts, fruits are ripe.
  • In the winter, nature is in peace. Trees are bare and stand on the low-power mode. Birds have migrated to warmer places or are doing it very quietly. The sun is weak.
  • After the winter the spring comes again, the cycle starts again from the beginning.
  • Every season is equally important. Each season has its own place and contribution in the cycle.

Your inner seasons

The seasons and the accompanying energies can also be seen in yourself.

  • Spring energy has started to take off. For instance, you get ideas for a new service and make plans for it.
  • Summer energy is in full swing. You carry out all actions to realize your idea. For instance, you can fill in your service in detail, search for new clients and actually conduct the sessions or treatments.
  • Autumn energy is slowing down. You have earned money with your service (or not!). You have worked effectively (or not!). You reflect on how it went and let go of what you don’t need any more.
  • Winter energy is rest. You distance yourself from everything, you’re not at all busy with your business. No new ideas, no actions, no reflection. Only peace and quiet.
  • After the rest you get back on track. The cycle starts again from the beginning. Of course, there are several things in your business that run side by side. For one project, you can be in the phase of ideas (spring) for one project you can reap the benefits (autumn).
  • Every season energy is equally important, every energy contributes to creating more money and time in your business.

In the example of my computer program, I was in full summer energy. I kept searching for the mistake. Staying in action, however, did not help, because whatever I did, I didn’t see the mistake. By taking a distance and sleeping for a while (winter energy) I immediately saw the next morning what was not good.

I stayed too long in summer

Why did I stay in action? Why did I keep doing things? Why didn’t I stop earlier searching for the mistake and went on until I was exhausted?

That was because I stayed in my summer energy for too long. My favourite energy is summer, so if I come across a problem, my first tendency is to go into action. But that does not mean that that energy is the right energy to solve that problem!

Most people have a preference for a certain seasonal energy, just like me. You use that energy as the first one when you start creating something or when you encounter a problem. It is the energy that you use the most into your business.  

The cause of your current lack of money & time

Have you ever thought that the money and time problems you have are caused by staying in a season for too long and not following your natural money & time cycle?

Would you like to investigate that? Yes?

Take the quiz What’s Your Money & Time Style? In this quiz:

  • You feel intuitively how the different seasonal energies feel and which season you prefer.
  • You will discover what money and time problems you create if you stay in your preferred season for too long.
  • You see the negative consequences in other areas of your life.

If you are aware of the pitfalls that your money & time style brings with it, then you can also decide not to fall into them! You can take steps to earn enough money in the least time.

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