I wasn’t aware something was wrong + how I came back on the right track
12 september 2017 
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I wasn’t aware something was wrong + how I came back on the right track

My previous business was six months old and I just launched an expensive program. My coach taught me that you had to offer such programs as soon as possible. The program didn’t do very well, I had the minimum number of participants.

I had no idea why I had these few participants and I didn’t know what to do about it. I felt not only frustrated but also insecure. It cost me my sleep and I got tired of mulling about the possible causes.

Until I got a dream with the message that I could better focus my services on social media at an affordable price. Once I had done that, I got lots of participants, it was a big hit! Moreover, I liked social media much more than teaching the expensive program.

Last year something similar happened. The money came in well, clients were happy and I had enough free time. I just got less satisfaction and energy from giving marketing coaching than at the beginning of my business. I gave my clients healings in addition to the marketing coaching and that always gave me energy and meaning. But gradually the feeling of fatigue and meaninglessness became more dominant.

At one point, my spirits told me that I could stop my marketing business and start focusing on healing. I did so, and once I had made the change to my current business with money & time healing, my fulfillment and energy returned one hundred times.

What is the similarity between these two events?

  • I wasn’t aware that something was wrong
  • I came back on the right track intuitively

Looking back, I felt that it was not about a skill that I didn’t master or that I didn’t have enough knowledge. No, this was about misalignment with my soul, misalignment with my higher purpose.

In the first case, I found my coach’s opinion more important than my own feeling. She told me that her high-end business model was the very best business model, other business models were not good. But such a high-end earning model wasn’t aligned with my soul and higher purpose. Result: insufficient income and no fulfillment.

In the second case, I was afraid of the financial consequences a switchover would have. I did not dare to follow the call of my soul and higher purpose. The result: too little fulfillment and meaningfulness.

I am very happy my intuition guided me back to my path, even though it had far-reaching consequences.

How is that for you? Are there things in your business that don’t earn you enough money? Are there things you spend a lot of time on without any benefit? Or things which don’t fulfill you? Do you feel frustrated about this? Do you not know what to do about this??

Could it be that you are not aligned with your higher purpose?

The essential condition for enough money and time!

The very first condition for spiritual entrepreneurs to get enough money, time and fulfillment is in alignment with your higher purpose. This is the basis on which you build your entire business. Of course, you also need all kinds of other skills and knowledge. But if the foundation is lacking, these skills and knowledge do not have a lasting effect.

If you don’t have enough money, time or fulfillment in your business, please always first wonder whether you are misaligned with your higher purpose.

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on 15 Sep 2017

Thank you for your honesty. I do feel I do need to check if what I think I want is in alignment with my higher purpose. I will gladly do the meditation. Thank you for offering lot.



on 15 Sep 2017

You are welcome! I am curious what the meditation will reveal! xo

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