Why I worked too hard for too little money and how I changed that
05 september 2017 
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Why I worked too hard for too little money and how I changed that

Years ago I followed a program to become a business coach. The teacher spoke about the phenomenon of ‘money mindset’. Huh, what the heck was she talking about?

She told me that your money mindset is the way you handle your money. It’s not just about how much money you spend, but also about how you feel about asking for money and how important you think money is.

The trainer put an enormous emphasis on money, money was the most important thing in your business. That emphasis was so strong, that I was (literally) sick of it!

Other participants who protested the trainer’s obsession with money were told to work on their money mindset. I myself had a lot of heated discussions with this trainer about money too. All in all, it didn’t feel safe, as if there was no room to look at money differently.

That’s why I closed myself for the information and insights that this trainer gave about money and I did not further investigate my money mindset.

That was, of course, a stay of execution! I couldn’t escape looking at my own money mindset; -).

Because this happened.

Many of my clients in my previous marketing business asked rates that were far too low. They let their sessions run out or felt guilty when they charged money to their friends. Fortunately, I was able to help them overcome these blocks through guided meditations and money healing.  

At some point, I asked myself,”What about me and money”?

I have always made good money in my life with ease. But when more money came in, I would also spend more money until there was never any left. I also worked too many hours. Whatever I did, I worked too hard. So as a result of that, my energy and finances decreased dramatically.

I discovered that the main reason for this pattern originated from my father. He came from a very poor family. My grandfather and my father had to work hard for very little money and were also exploited by their bosses. I did not know because my father never spoke about it during his life, but his brother told me later in time.

Energetically, I had received the message from my father, “You must always work hard for your money. You’re an exploiter if you earn a lot of money in little time!” So I continued to work too hard and spend every penny I made, even though I knew that wasn’t a wise decision.

After becoming aware of this belief and where it came from, I resolved these money and time blocks. I made healthy business decisions. I spent money consciously, chose a better business model, rearranged my tasks, hired a more affordable virtual assistant, and managed my time more efficiently.

The result? I have much more money in my bank account and I have plenty of time.

I learned an important lesson about money and time. My money (and time) had to do with how I grew up myself. I received limited time & money beliefs from my parents, which caused my lack of money and time. 

Do you want to discover what money & time beliefs YOU adopted from your parents which cause your current lack of money & time? Then fill in your Money & Time Blueprint to find the answer to that question! You find your Money & Time Blueprint in my free Facebook group, Circle of Abundance.

Of course, you discover your beliefs in an intuitive way, much more fun than thinking about it!


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