Out of despair I changed my life positively
26 september 2017 
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Out of despair I changed my life positively

I urgently needed money, otherwise I would go bankrupt

I took wrong decisions in my very first business and ended up with a debt of 30,000 euros and was near bankruptcy (read more in this blog). I urgently needed money.

I had applied for a well paid job, which involved a heavy selection. I had already survived 3 selection rounds. The fourth round was an assessment: an entire day with psychological tests, intelligence tests, role-play games and a conversation with a psychologist.

Overwhelm of negative thoughts

I dreaded that day. Constantly, negative thoughts were mulling through my head:

  •         What a fool I am, by putting myself in debt!
  •         If this fails, I am really bankrupt
  •         I feel ashamed
  •         I cannot do this
  •         I am going to make mistakes
  •         I will get a black-out
  •         I will not pass this assessment
  •         I hate intelligence tests
  •         I am too stressed to do those tests properly
  •        The psychologist will only pay attention to my weaknesses
  •         I am not capable to do this job
  •         I have been out of corporate too long, I will never manage to do this

Positive thinking does not work, said the trainer

Now you think of course: just think positively, just say positive affirmations!

But a while before, I had done a course where we worked with our thoughts and beliefs. The trainer made it very clear: reversing a negative thought or belief does not work, your mind doesn’t really believe it.

I was desperate. I felt that if I kept talking to myself so negatively, I would ruin the assessment. But I also believed the trainer (which I considered as an expert), so repeating positive affirmations would not work.

My body was full of stress and I started to panic

The night before the assessment I couldn’t sleep. The negative thoughts became worse and worse, they were mulling in my head, my body was full with stress. I panicked.

Oh my god, if I don’t sleep, I am too tired tomorrow to be concentrated. Oh my god, when I talk myself into depression, I can forget that assessment. Oh my god, then I’m really in the shit and I will be bankrupt.

Desperately, I started to think positively

Out of despair, I began to say positive things to myself:

  • You are smart
  • You can do it
  • It is going well
  • You can improvise
  • Focus on the positive things
  • You have also succeeded in making tests earlier
  • Allow yourself to be nervous, everyone would be nervous for such a day
  • Focus on one thing at a time and then go to the next problem
  • Sufficient is enough
  • The psychologist will be nice
  • Make a fun day out of it
  • Care for yourself
  • Stay positive!

I got the job and solved my financial problems

In the end I fell asleep. I passed the assessment. I got the job. I regained my self-confidence. I solved my financial problems.

Positive thinking creates pure vibrations and success!

What have I learned from this experience?

  1. Whatever someone else says, even if it’s an expert, rely on your own perception!
  2. Positive affirmations do work!

Nowadays I know why those positive thoughts did work.

If you consider a thought as energy with a vibration, then a negative thought is energy with an impure vibration. Imperfect vibrations create new negative thoughts and emotions, which in turn cause impure vibrations etc. You feel worse and worse, your body is stressed, you get panic attacks. You end up in a negative spiral.

Impure vibrations do not serve your soul. Your soul wants to be fed with pure vibrations. She wants you to be radiant, to enjoy life, to achieve your higher purpose and make a positive contribution to the world.

When I consciously started thinking positive thoughts, I invited pure vibrations into my system. A small amount of pure vibration was already enough to get into a positive spiral and improve my financial situation.

Become aware of your negative thoughts and turn around your chances!

In the above situation I was very conscious of my negative thoughts. However, it remains an ongoing process. Often I only notice that I think negative when I feel stress or unhappiness. I have taught myself to explore my thoughts and turn them into a positive version.

Are you aware of your negative thoughts? Do you feel stress in your body? Do you quickly panic? Do you have too little money and time and is it getting worse and worse? Are you blocked and in a negative spiral? Then examine your thoughts!

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