I faced my trauma and spirituality came back in my life again!
26 oktober 2017 

I faced my trauma and spirituality came back in my life again!

Just sharing the story about your trauma has a healing effect
I received a lot of comments on my very personal story written on this blog. I already shared it in my Facebook group before and there, too, a lot of people responded. Unfortunately, child abuse is more common than you think. I am happy to hear from the people who reacted, that just sharing their story already had a healing effect!

Another consequence of my trauma
Today the second negative consequence my trauma. The first negative consequence of the mistreatment by my mother was that I developed the belief that I was a very bad person (Read that part of my story here on my blog). That belief had a big impact on my life, especially on my relationships (with money & time problems too).

But much worse was that I lost my faith at this time of the severe abuse. Where was God, where was Jesus, where was my guardian angel when my mother mistreated me?

I earned a lot of money, but I was restless
Let’s scroll to the adult Annie. I was successful, made a career in the computer industry and earned excellently. Nevertheless, I always had anxiety. If I had worked somewhere for a year, I became restless. I was always looking for a new challenge. I just kept running and in action.

Then it went wrong
At one point that went terribly wrong, I got a burnout (my body forced me to take rest).

I searched for the causes and discovered that I approached life too rationally. Moreover, I did not take my spirituality seriously enough. I followed a lot of spiritual courses (I even became an aura chakra healer!) in my private life, but I kept that strictly separate from my work. I saw spirituality as a hobby and not as something that was important to me.

I choose to give spirituality and intuition the place they deserved
During the recovery of my burnout, I felt that spirituality and intuition were essential to me and I chose to give them the place they deserved.

Gradually I became that open person again like I was a toddler. I started playing more. I started my previous company as an intuitive marketing coach, in which I was able to use my creativity to the full. I started to give healings to my clients, which were very well received.

Spirituality took an ever-growing place in my life, healings took an ever-greater place in my offers. At one point I was told by the spirit world that I could focus my entire offer on healing.

And that’s how we arrived in the present with my story. My current business is fully focused on money and time healing.

I believe again in angels, in Jesus, and in many more wise spirits
I pray again full of surrender to my guardian angel. I have found my faith back! I am so happy as a child that spirituality is back again in my life and that I have dared to face my trauma and regain my faith.

What about you?
Did you experience a violent or drastic event in your life?
If so, which essential thing did you lose when you experienced this event? Have you already regained that essential thing or are you still searching?

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