Why high financial goals stagnate your business ...and how you can make your business grow again
01 juni 2017 
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Why high financial goals stagnate your business ...and how you can make your business grow again

I’m sure you know some of them. I mean business coaches who say that setting a high financial goal will help you grow your business. But why does your business stagnate?  

Just imagine a revenue of 100,000 dollar?

These business coaches say, “Imagine a revenue of 100,000 dollar (or higher). Determine what actions you need to take to achieve these sales, change your money mindset, step out of your comfort zone and you will achieve this 6 figures or more.” You are a successful entrepreneur and you have enough marketing experience. More often than not, you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone and taken the necessary scary actions. More than once, you’ve proven  you can achieve seemingly impossible goals. Yet the approach mentioned above goes wrong:  your business stagnates and you never achieve that high income goal. The strange thing is other coaches and therapists do seem to get these high incomes, while they follow exactly the same approach as you. So why then are you failing?  

Two types of entrepreneurs

This is because there are two types of entrepreneurs: people motivated by things for their own pleasure, such as a big house, a luxurious lifestyle or frequent vacations. The other type is motivated by a higher purpose, like helping others, heal people or bring more light, happiness and peace to the world. Entrepreneurs in the first category are taking steps by setting a high financial target, imagining what things they can afford for themselves with that money. That’s what makes their business grow and that’s why they get that annual revenue of 100,000 dollars or more. People motivated by their higher purpose only take big steps when they see that those steps contribute to their mission. That’s why they realized seemingly unreachable goals in the past: those goals were connected to their mission and not to personal enjoyment.  

Set financial goals which are aligned with your mission

Of course, there is a financial aspect attached to this higher purpose. Its height is determined by the scope of your higher purpose. When it’s your mission to help local people recover from a burnout, less money is required than when you are establishing large healing centers in nature around the world. To achieve that financial goal, you must work on your moneymindset – just like the first category of entrepreneurs- get out of your comfort zone, and take scary actions. Only WHY you take these actions is different. For you, is the driving force your mission, instead of your own pleasure and material wishes.  

What’s your mission? How much money is needed for that?

Do you recognize yourself in this article? If so, what is your mission or higher purpose? How much money do you need for that purpose? What will you do to achieve that financial goal and to succeed in your mission? Please leave a comment, I will always answer!  

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