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Money & Time Healing Report of August 16 2017

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Money & Time Healing Report of August 16 2017

The healing you received was a spiritual healing

That means that the spiritual world performed the healing and I served as a medium. I was tuned into your energy and into the spiritual world, my task was to maintain the connection between you and the spiritual world.

The spiritual world are spirits in the broad sense of the word, such as guides, angels, ancestors, natural forces, your deceased loved ones etc. Not only the spirits of myself but also of everyone who participated in the healing I asked to join.

Best results

You will get the best results from this healing when you are willing to change. If you are ready to live aligned with your higher purpose and take all the actions needed for that, the spirit world will give you all the money & time to realize your higher purpose.

Selfcare after the healing

Drink enough water after the healing, this healing can have a detox effect.

Report of the healing

I felt that the spirits have worked a lot on the head. Apparently it was needed to shift things in your mind.

I saw something before me moving from my leftside to my rightside. Not the normal direction I am looking in daily life. I received the message for you: be open that money and time can come to you from all kind of directions. Accept all directions, don’t judge or feel guilty about the direction!

If you are stick to one direction (e.g. only money from your business is the ‘real’ money’, or only time from free days or holidays is ‘real free time’) you block other ways in which money & time can flow abundantly in your life.

The spirits  gave some examples of other directions for money: a loan from your partner or the bank, a temporarely social insurance, money you find on the street, paidback taxes, inheritance etc.

They also gave some examples of other directions for time: a client cancels a session, you are ill (!), you don’t have enough clients (!), your children are playing at their friends, a friend wants to do some tasks for you.

Then I saw the spirits constructing a three dimensional artwork from applepie dough. The message was: be open for money in all kind of forms. You can receive things of value in other forms too, such as presents with your birthday, someone drives you to your destination (you don’t have to spend money on the train or your own car),  someone buys you a drink or food etc.

When you are grateful for money and time whatever the direction it comes from or whatever the form it has, the universe will reward you with more money & time.

The last message was: there is enough money & time for everybody on this world, you can have your part of it by bending the direction of the money and time towards you.

What can you experience after the healing?

You can experience all kind of things (feeling relaxed or emotional or energetic). Sometimes participants feel nothing but experience the healing later. Take note of signals that occur later (you sleep, for example, much better or get a clear insight after a few days).

Very often people feel more positive about money and time, which is, of course, necessary to create money and time! It has also happened that money flowed in after the healing!

Anyway you will get aligned better to your higher purpose and become more open to receive money & free time.

Comments? Do you want to share your experience?

Do you want to share what you’ve experienced or do you want to respond to the report? Please react in a comment, you always get an answer from me!

Comment Section

4 thoughts on “Money & Time Healing Report of August 16 2017

By Coby de Jong on 17 August 2017

dank je wel Annie, voor de healing. Ik merkte deze week al dat geld en tijd van andere richtingen naar me toegestroomd kwamen, vrienden die me tracteerden en de reis voor me betaalden, een vervoersmiddel waar ik naar op zoek was, wat me nu ter beschikking gesteld wordt. Het gevoel van vakantie wat ik iedere dag kan hebben en niet alleen als ik ‘vakantie’ heb. Dank je wel.

By Annie-Massop on 17 August 2017

Wow, Coby, amazing you already experienced different directions and forms of flows of money!

By Maarten Smit on 17 August 2017

Dear Annie,
Thank you for the healing.
I fell asleep. Is that a good or bad thing? Or just as it is?
Woke up with a kind of headache, like having a heavy head and trouble focussing with my eyes. During the next day it vanished. Feel like I have more space in my head now, more relaxed, more focussed.
Thanks again.

By Annie-Massop on 17 August 2017

Hi Maarten, no problem you fell asleep. Mostly it’s because your body needs the sleep! The healing will work anyway. It looks like there has been cleared a lot, that can cause the heavy head. Great you have more space in your head now. Do drink a lot of water, the healing has a detox effect.

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