Aligned Abundance Report October 25 2017
25 oktober 2017 

Aligned Abundance Report October 25 2017

The healing you received was a spiritual healing

That means that the spiritual world performed the healing and I served as a medium. I was tuned into your energy and into the spiritual world, my task was to maintain the connection between you and the spiritual world.

The spiritual world are spirits in the broad sense of the word, such as guides, angels, ancestors, natural forces, your deceased loved ones etc. Not only the spirits of myself but also of everyone who participated in the healing I asked to join.

Best results

You will get the best results from this healing when you are willing to change. If you are ready to live aligned with your higher purpose and take all the actions needed for that, the spirit world will give you all the money & time to realize your higher purpose.

Selfcare after the healing

Drink enough water after the healing, this healing can have a detox effect.

Report of the healing

I saw a very big dark bear that reached to the sky. And I saw you as a very small puppet, who looked at this huge bear very anxiously. It looked like something from your past, something you are still afraid of. A parent, a teacher, someone with power over you, someone who have treated you not properly.

In your body there was a big tangle of a kind of strands of spaghetti. That’s wiring that isn’t yours but is so deeply embedded in your system that you’ve come to think you are this wiring. But the wiring, those beliefs, that energy is not yours.

Then came a big whirlwind, who blew all the threads of spaghetti out of your body. Now only your shell remained, it was completely empty inside.
Then a small flame arose, which started to give more and more light. Until you were completely filled with light, it was a beautiful image! And you grew bigger and bigger! The more you grew bigger, the smaller the bear became.

Until you both had the same size. You now dared to look at the bear and see that this is also just an ordinary human being. You made peace with the bear, and the healing ended with you both holding hands.

Message of the spirits: feel for yourself who in your life feels bigger for you and as more powerful for you. Dare to really feel it, it may be irrational! Then make contact with the light in you, with your real power and look from there at that person.

What do you feel now? Is there any action you would like to take towards that person? Do it then, you’re much stronger than you think!

What can you experience after the healing?

You can experience all kind of things (feeling relaxed or emotional or energetic). Sometimes participants feel nothing but experience the healing later. Take note of signals that occur later (you sleep, for example, much better or get a clear insight after a few days).

Very often people feel more positive about money and time, which is, of course, necessary to create money and time! It has also happened that money flowed in after the healing!

Anyway you will get aligned better to your higher purpose and become more open to receive money & free time.

Comments? Do you want to share your experience?

Do you want to share what you’ve experienced, do you want to know what the other participants experienced or do you want to respond to the report? Please react in a comment. If you want to stay anonymous, use an alias name.

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