Aligned Abundance Report October 11 2017
11 oktober 2017 

Aligned Abundance Report October 11 2017

The healing you received was a spiritual healing

That means that the spiritual world performed the healing and I served as a medium. I was tuned into your energy and into the spiritual world, my task was to maintain the connection between you and the spiritual world.

The spiritual world are spirits in the broad sense of the word, such as guides, angels, ancestors, natural forces, your deceased loved ones etc. Not only the spirits of myself but also of everyone who participated in the healing I asked to join.

Best results

You will get the best results from this healing when you are willing to change. If you are ready to live aligned with your higher purpose and take all the actions needed for that, the spirit world will give you all the money & time to realize your higher purpose.

Selfcare after the healing

Drink enough water after the healing, this healing can have a detox effect.

Report of the healing

Once again I felt a lot of love from the spiritual world flowing to you. The intention of the spirits is always to make you a more complete and happier person. The more complete and happier you are, the higher your vibration becomes and the more you have a positive influence on your environment.

I got a lot of messages this time. The first was that you care so much for others, but that it is just as important to take good care of yourself. Even when the conditions are tough, this is especially important.

Then I saw a golden energy around you. The message: see your own value regardless of what others say or think.

Then I saw a dark spot. The spirits shed light on that. The invitation is to look at the dark spots in your life. What has they left behind? What beliefs did you develop as a result of these drastic events? Dare to look at those beliefs and ask yourself the questions: Is this my belief or that of someone else? Would I wish that my children (or if you don’t have children, your best friends) would have these beliefs?

The spirits sent a lot of love to the black spot, which became lighter and more colourful.

It may be that this healing evokes a lot of emotions. Make sure you take enough sleep and rest. Seek someone when a lot of emotions evoke. Walk in nature or take a nice bath or something else you like to do. In other words: pamper yourself and give yourself time and rest!

What can you experience after the healing?

You can experience all kind of things (feeling relaxed or emotional or energetic). Sometimes participants feel nothing but experience the healing later. Take note of signals that occur later (you sleep, for example, much better or get a clear insight after a few days).

Very often people feel more positive about money and time, which is, of course, necessary to create money and time! It has also happened that money flowed in after the healing!

Anyway you will get aligned better to your higher purpose and become more open to receive money & free time.

Comments? Do you want to share your experience?

Do you want to share what you’ve experienced, do you want to know what the other participants experienced or do you want to respond to the report? Please react in a comment. If you want to stay anonymous, use an alias name.

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