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Money & Time Healing Report of July 6 2017

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Money & Time Healing Report of July 6 2017

 The healing you received was a spiritual healing

That means that the spiritual world performed the healing and I served as a medium. I was tuned into your energy and into the spiritual world, my task was to maintain the connection between you and the spiritual world.

The spiritual world are spirits in the broad sense of the word, such as guides, angels, ancestors, natural forces, your deceased loved ones etc. Not only the spirits of myself but also of everyone who participated in the healing I asked to join.

Best results

You will get the best results from this healing when you are willing to change. If you are ready to live aligned with your higher purpose and take all the actions needed for that, the spirit world will give you all the money & time to realize your higher purpose.

Selfcare after the healing

Drink enough water after the healing, this healing can have a detox effect. The spirits told me that the healing would continue for a while after this 15 minutes, so take some rest if you feel you need that.

Report of the healing

This is what I experienced in the healing. I also got some messages and advices from the spiritual world. Read the advices carefully and feel what advice resonates with you, you remain in control!

I saw a big village, medieval, where there was a lot of activity. A lot of people were working, crafty. In the background, I saw a silver-gray rocket launching into the sky, very streamlined and very fast.

Message: healing things in your life, living aligned with your higher purpose, and changing your life on money and time area usually happens on the speed of a craft and not at the speed of a rocket or mouse click . Our body, our mind, our heart and our soul are still tuned to the speed of the craft. So be kind to yourself, do the work that is necessary and know changes take time.

After that, much work was done on the throat chakra, especially on previous lives where it was not safe to speak up. There has been a lot of clean up in that area. Please know that you can now let your voice be heard, you can ask for money and time! Know that it’s safe to be heard and seen to show your gift to the world.

At last, I got the impression that you lay on your back on the ground. Arms and legs spread out. This way you take your place to the fullest extent on this earth. Also an attitude of surrender and receiving. You have maximum contact with the earth and can receive maximum of energy from the earth. And at the same time you can also receive from heaven. It is an attitude of trust. The foundation of having more money and more time is your ability to receive it, it all starts with this ability.

What can you experience after the healing?

You can experience all kind of things (feeling relaxed or emotional or energetic). Sometimes participants feel nothing but experience the healing later. Take note of signals that occur later (you sleep, for example, much better or get a clear insight after a few days).

Very often people feel more positive about money and time, which is, of course, necessary to create money and time! It has also happened that money flowed in after the healing!

Anyway you will get aligned better to your higher purpose and become more open to receive money & free time.

Comments? Do you want to share your experience?

Do you want to share what you’ve experienced or do you want to respond to the report? Please react in a comment, you always get an answer from me!

Would you be so kind to write in English, because then our English speaking collegues can understand it too.

Note: Do you want to react anonymously? Then enter an alias name.



Comment Section

35 thoughts on “Money & Time Healing Report of July 6 2017

By Karin Schluter on 6 July 2017

I had forgotten about it! I had a fabulous time planting red and pink rosés in my garden. When I stepped out of the front door I saw a tachtig with one white and one huge red sail sailing by. During the planting two friendly elderly men, one dressed in red trousers, stopped and chatted with me about my house and garden they came from the village in het Gooi where I grew up and left from there to live in Glasto bury. It started raining, which is very welcome. The garden was dry. Writing this, re-reading this, it almost was dream-like! So full of symbolism! I felt very energised and very happy! Then I read you had done the healing. I think all kinds of ‘stuff’ came together for me. This was fun! Thank you. Love, Karin

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Thx Karin, the healing took place anyway, although you were not sitting still. Great to hear all these beautiful situations, it feels indeed very dreamlike. The spiritworld has countless ways of talking to us. Blesssings, Annie

By karin on 6 July 2017

Wrote a bit but it is not able to be send out..indicates it has already be sent.

By steven on 6 July 2017

Mooi. En het verhaal over de keel resoneerde..dankjewel….keep up the good work

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Thx for your reply, Steven. Let your voice be heard, your voice matters! xo, Annie

By Saskia on 6 July 2017

i noticed i heard crickets and i was in nature. My 2 chakra and tantien were bubbling after one another, for a while. Later on my 3 chakra was hurting a bit and made contractions. Also in between relaxation came over me. Thank you Annie💖

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

There happened a lot, Saskia. Sometimes the healing can be inconvenient, that is releasing tensions. Third chakra very often has to do with over-control. Do you recognize this? If so: trust more on the universe, it will take care of you if you rely more on it. Blessings, Annie

By Annemieke on 6 July 2017

I experienced a feeling of pressure and anxiety in the throat and chest area, which seems to relate to what you described. I can still feel it a little. Thank you for your healing.

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Ok, Annemieke, when the feeling of pressure and anxiety in your throat and chest area holds on, talk to someone you deeply trust about how you feel. Just let the words flow out of your mouth, don’t think about it. Express your emotions, that will clear a lot. Good luck, Annie

By Astrid on 6 July 2017

During the healing I experienced pain in my throat. It is clear to me what it means. Recently I have been told in several ways that it is time for me to speak up, show myself and my gifts. I am trying to ‘figure out’ what the connection is with money & time.

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Hi Astrid, so the message is clear, your voice may be heard. In general the universe will ‘reward’ you when you speak up and show yourself to the world with money & time, because then you take responsibility for your higher purpose. It can take some time before money & time materializes, but it at a certain point of time it will show up. Please feel if this resonates with you. Love, Annie

By J on 6 July 2017

I felt very relaxed, saw myself moving very naturally, flowing, sensuous. At this point I was lying down on my back just following what was happening. I was inspired to sit in a meditation position and did that, retaining the openness and following a deepening relaxation proces. I felt that being relaxed and open, following what comes up, trusting myself were what was important just now. It was interesting what you wrote about the throat as this was something I was told about almost 20 years ago which still sometimes affects me. This has been changing recently however.
I have quite a bit assignment just now which I often feel a lot of pressure about and after the healing I just got on with it, with a smile as it were. The thing is, is I enjoy the work, but I put myself under a lot of pressure which makes my relationship with it negative.

By J on 6 July 2017

On reading the response from Karin I remembered I saw myself in my vegetable garden near the end of the healing and that it was important to keep loving my garden :). It was beautiful.

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Ha, J, that’s already one of the ways to reduce stress!

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Hi J., good to hear you felt so much relaxation. Amazing you could continue with your assignment with a smile. So you possesses the ability to do your work stressless! My advice: seek actively for ways of having more fun in your work. xo, Annie

By Petra on 6 July 2017

Hi, I’m Petra and I have joined this healing. It felt very good. I lay down at 20:00 and “woke up” at 20:35. Not sleepy, full of energy. Other times when I take a nap, I can sleep all evening.

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Wow, that’s just amazing Petra! That was a not a power nap, but a power healing ;-)!

By Carol on 6 July 2017

Thank yo for channeling Annie. I felt rather relaxed and this is supported by your mentioning of “receiving attitude and trust”. That is really how i have been feeling the past year or so, even if being insecure about what steps to take. Good to be backed up now.

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Awesome Carol, I am happy you received confirmation! Love, Annie

By Sonja Ulrich on 7 July 2017

Dankjewel Annie, Het was een mooie en relaxte ervaring. Wat ooit in de middeleeuwen begon, heb ik wellicht dankzij jou vandaag echt helemaal los mogen laten. Lange tijd heeft het gehaast en gejaagd zijn mijn leven bepaald. Daar los van te mogen komen is mijn door God gegeven zegen. Mijn keel, mond en alles van waaruit ik spreek zal ik met liefde verzorgen. En natuurlijk wil ik graag delen dat het aarden op mijn rug op het bed met een stapel kussens onder mijn onderbenen voor mij de wijze is waarop ik me volledig een voel met alles en waarbij ik volledig mezelf kan zijn. Meteen ook de wijze waarop ik al jaren alles loslaat waar ik geen invloed op heb of wil hebben. Ik vertrouw, voel liefde voor en heb mede dankzij of door jou het laatste stukje angst los mogen laten. Dankjewel daarvoor. Veel geluk met het mooie en goede werk wat je doet. Dikke kus, Sonja😙

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Thx for your feedback, Sonja! I am so happy to read you could let go the very last bit of your fear and the feeling of hurry and stress. Warmly, Annie

By Irena Indurekha on 7 July 2017

Hoi Annie,
ik kon de healing goed voelen, het voelde “magnetisch”. Wat ik inderdaad vrij meteen aan het begin merkte was mijn keel, het voelde heel raar, en ik dacht nog: nah, wat heeft mijn keel nou te maken met geld en tijd healing! Heel grappig dus om die keel zo duidelijk terug te lezen in je ervaring! Aan het eind merkte ik inderdaad meer ontspanning, een letting go.
Dank voor de healing!

Hartelijke groet,

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

Beautiful Irena! Yeah, the throat has a lot of connections with money & time. E.g. asking for money when you do your offer or saying no if someone wants you to do something you don’t feel for. Great you felt relaxation at the end of the healing. Greetings, Annie

By Mary on 7 July 2017

Thank you Annie for this wonderful gift. During the healing, I got a very clear picture of a money block – it was like it popped right up out of nowhere! Today, as I walked the dog, I had two more “realizations,” one of which came and went (so hopefully I will remember it or it will just take care of itself.) I found your insights above very interesting. Oh how I wish for the rocket ship at times!

By Annie-Massop on 7 July 2017

You are welcome Mary! Ha, ha, the digital world can be very misleading, it often looks like everything is just one mouseclick away. Of course sometimes things can change in 1 second, but before the change materializes it takes mostly more time. Think of a seed in the ground, it takes time to grow to a plant, to become a flower and to become fruit.
Amazing to hear that you had some money blocks insights, that is the first step to change! With love, Annie

By Dieta Mietus on 8 July 2017

I experienced and have the sensation of feeling about money is ok. I may enjoy the money now. I lied on my back on a bank in the garden. A quiet and very nice place.

By Annie-Massop on 10 July 2017

Great Dieta! If you allow yourself to have and enjoy money, then it will come much more easily to you.

By Johanna on 8 July 2017

I was sitting on a chair in my brother’s garden. In the beginning it felt heavy and then I relaxed and coult let it go. The dog came over to me to sit on my pouch. After 14 minutes I opened my eyes and in the grey and heavy clouds there was a littele gap, the blue sky. And in that gap I saw a white heart, it was a cloud, so beautiful and so special. In that last minute the grey clouds closed the ‘window’. I felt very happy and full of trust.

By Annie-Massop on 10 July 2017

Wow, what an amazing experience Johanna! It can literally see what you describe, this heart is a message from heaven. Thx for sharing.

By Lysette on 8 July 2017

I felt you made a connection in the energy. After that i feel a lot of light working out the blockades in my body. That was during the healing. Yesterday i spend a lot of money and i had no bad feelings about it:) There is also the feeling that i have more energy and that the my mind is cleared up.

By Annie-Massop on 10 July 2017

Ha, Lysette, sometimes you have to spend a lot of money. Awesome you feel calm about it. Happy to hear you have more energy!

By Marike on 10 July 2017

Thank you very much for the ability to join this healing on such a short notice. Everything has it’s own time and reason: my neighbour friend e-mailed me the link this afternoon, out of the blue. Things came to me very very clearly during the healing. A huge confirmation of my purpose and also what’s holding me back. BAM!
Thank you very much!! Kind regards

By Annie-Massop on 10 July 2017

Hi Marike, thx for sharing this. I am so grateful you received a confirmation of your purpose and are now aware about what’s holding you back. That’s the first step to solving this block.

By Tineke on 10 July 2017

Hoewel ik het tijdstip van de healing in mijn agenda had staan, was ik het vergeten. Ik zat heel relaxed op de bank met de TV aan voor het journaal. Maar van dat journaal heb ik niets gehoord of gezien! Ik werd na 20 minuten wakker met 1 poes bovenop me met de kop naar mijn gezicht, heel dichtbij. de andere poes zat aan de rechterkant heel dicht tegen me aan. Pas toen ik de mail met het verslag ontving realiseerde ik me dat ik de healing heel intens had ervaren zonder dat ik er bewust mee bezig was! Omdat ik vaak in mijn hoofd zit was dit een mooie ervaring…….

By Annie-Massop on 10 July 2017

That’s an extraordinary experience, Tineke. More people told me that the healing also works when they are doing something else. Your cats seem to feel the energy too, amazing!

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