MoneyTimeWheel™ 30-day program


Expand Your Money and Free Up Your Time

30-day online program

Walk the Wheel for a continuous flow of money & free time 

What if ...

You could create money like fruit grows on a tree?

You could work in your natural time rhythm and be super effective in your efforts?

Your plans and ideas would naturally unfold into services and products that were profitable?

You could consistently fulfill your mission, help many people, and make a bigger impact?

You had the confidence to know there would always be enough money and time?

Sound good? Meet the MoneyTimeWheel™

The MoneyTimeWheel™ is a spiritual money & time creation method that guides you to know your inner seasons with time & money. 

All inner seasons are needed to create money and freedom. When you discover your unique time & money rhythm and align to your higher purpose, you will land in your natural flow. 

You will experience that the money and time to make your mission come true is always there. 

Avoiding a season or staying in it too long will delay your money cycle and waste your valuable time.* On the other hand, if you just go with the flow of your inner seasons, you will always make the right money and time decisions. 

Imagine: Money is generated in the fastest way possible and you are extremely productive. You feel energetic and motivated.

*On top of creating money & time, the Wheel also allows you to heal your money and time blocks yourself.

Curious? Listen to this meditation and get a first feeling of your inner Money & Time rhythm

Who is the MoneyTimeWheel™ for?

The MoneyTimeWheel™ is especially designed for spiritual entrepreneurs who want to change the world and reach more people with their work.

They can be entrepreneurs* with too little money or successful entrepreneurs* with too little time. In both cases, the MoneyTimeWheel™ can help. 

*You might be a coach, healer, therapist, bookkeeper, website builder, virtual assistant or other kind of creative entrepreneur. As long as you are open to a spiritual and intuitive approach, you can benefit from the Wheel. 

I benefited a lot from the awareness that my business - like nature - has natural rhythms and that at some times during the cycle, it is better to take rest than to take action. 

Annie herself is a good example; she lives what she propagates.

I think that's courageous. It makes her trustworthy.

Brechtje Schoofs,

Special offer until November 30th

Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

Who is Annie?

"Hi, my name is Annie Massop, Money & Time Healer™.

I have guided hundreds of spiritual entrepreneurs to intuitively create successful businesses, first in my previous business Heart and Soul Marketing (Dutch) and now in my current Money & Time Healing business.

The Wheel in this program is a special version of the life wheel or medicine wheel that is used by many native peoples to get answers to spiritual and practical questions. As with all my methods, this wheel is created in cooperation with my spirit guides.

I walk the Wheel every day and I still learn from it! I am attuning better to my higher purpose, making even more effective and lucrative choices that lead me to more profit and freedom. 

I am feeling blessed to have such a great spiritual tool, which I can use throughout my life. And I also grant you the wisdom of the Wheel!"

What about you? Are you a spiritual entrepreneur and ...

... do you have these money & time challenges?

You can't choose from the many ideas you have and end up losing potential income

All your ideas keep spinning around in your head, and it's exhausting! You know that you are missing profitable opportunities by not choosing. You feel insecure and restless.

You launch service after service, but they don’t generate any money

This costs heaps of time and energy. It is demotivating and you are questioning your competence as an entrepreneur. You might even be considering looking for a job.

You have enough money, but no time for your private life

Maybe you have enough clients and income, but no time for family, friends, and fun. You feel like the victim of your own success.

You have doubts about the direction of your business, causing time and money leaks

You spend hours upon hours thinking about a new direction, but that only increases your confusion. You feel paralyzed, you're not productive, and your financial buffers dry up. 

You don't have the time to grow to the next level in your business 

You business is successful and has big potential, but you don't have the time to unlock that potential. Therefore you can't fully accomplish your mission and you are feeling unfulfilled.

Rational time-management and money mindset methods haven't helped

You've hired coaches who taught you rational tools to solve your money & time challenges. But you just stayed in your head, so your problems didn't get solved at all. 

Would you like to be able to ... 

Easily choose which ideas will lead to more money?

You feel exactly which ideas are aligned with your higher purpose and have the greatest chance of profit with the least time investment. That gives you peace of mind and confidence.

Shorten your to-do list and know exactly what to do (or let go of)?

You work in flow, and at the end of the day you still have energy. There is space for relaxation in your life and you can spend time with the people who are important to you. 

Increase your impact, reach many more people while still having enough time?

You improve the lives of so many people, and you feel you really contribute to the healing of the world, while enjoying your own life.

This is real fulfillment!

Create the space to establish the next level in your business?

You bring your business's potential to fruition and make that long-held desire come true. A dream becomes reality.

Find a new, fulfilling direction in your business and know what actions to take?

You have a clear focus, and you're feeling motivated and inspired. You are super productive and build up your income again.

Use your intuition to make successful money & time decisions?

You deal with money and time the same way as you deal with your work - intuitively! Business is just as fun and fulfilling as guiding your clients!

Last, but not least! 

Would you like to feel from within the confidence 

that money and time are always available?

Space in my head and in my calendar

I had an abundance of ideas, but I didn't know which one to choose to implement. 

Due to urgent private circumstances, I was pulled in different directions, which forced me to make choices.

Despite my heavily overloaded schedule, I did make time to do the exercises of the MoneyTimeWheel™ program. That has had its results.

The connection with my mission has deepened enormously. I have a clear direction and a concrete, workable plan for the next months. All 'have-to-do' actions and all ideas that are not aligned with my higher purpose, I have deleted from my life. 

That gives so much peace and space. Not only in my head but also on my agenda.

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest, 

I generated more income than the year before, while working less

It took a while before I saw effects on my revenue, but this year I generated more income than the year before while working less. 

The more often I walk the Wheel, the more I feel and can predict what is going to make me money. 

Rosa J.

I feel at ease, more energetic and I have more time for myself. I can breathe!

I never took enough time to relax or recharge. Often I said ‘Yes’ when someone

asked me something, always ready to help someone out. It felt like I was

constantly on the run and exhausted.

The MoneyTimeWheel™ allowed me to

take many small subtle steps, one at a time, that have together made a huge

difference in my life.

I now consistently plan more free time for myself and easily say “No” to tasks and people that would cost too much of my energy. I set priorities and also leave

things up to others. I don’t have to do everything myself!

I feel at ease, more energetic and I have more time for myself. I can breathe!

How special, that only 1.5 hours a week gave me so many positive results.

Petra Reintjes,

Special offer until November 30th

Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

Read on to learn how the MoneyTimeWheel™ can help you generate more money, free time, and fulfillment

In only 30 days you will find...

...your natural money & time rhythm, and you will know exactly what is needed to expand your money and free up your time. 

Each week, you will immerse yourself intuitively into one of the seasons and feel what the qualities and strengths of that specific season are. You will learn how to use these qualities to generate more money, time, joy, energy, and fulfillment. 

The program consists of 4 season modules, the module ‘How to Proceed After the 30 Days AND the bonus 'Conquer Your Money & Time Saboteur'. 

With the MoneyTimeWheel™ you will:

Get answers to your money & time questions intuitively!  

For spiritual entrepreneurs, using your intuition is the easiest and quickest way to get answers about money & time. Therefore, the MoneyTimeWheel™ program is jam-packed with guided meditations, intuitive teachings, and playful exercises that help you tune into your intuition.

Achieve great results in little time!

Learning the Wheel takes only 90 minutes a week for 4 weeks, so you can get high rewards with a low time investment.

After that, the fun is just getting started! The more you walk the Wheel, the more money and free time you will create!

Does intuition also work to create a successful business? 

I say wholeheartedly: 'Yes!

Annie has a super practical approach with full attention to use your intuition.

Elma de Bruijn

 I have gained a conscious and spiritual view on abundance, money and time.

That helps me to allow myself to receive abundance in all areas.

Lia Koek

Special offer until November 30th

Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

What do the season modules look like?

Winter module

Your inner winter energy is the energy of your soul and purpose.

  • Connect intuitively with your purpose
  • Receive a practical intuitive anchor to make money & time decisions aligned with your purpose
  • Feel from within when it’s the right time to stop meditating and resting
  • Learn how to easily reconnect to your purpose when you are too busy

Spring module

Your inner spring energy is the energy of getting new ideas to realize your mission and to generate the necessary money and time.

  • Get tons of practical suggestions to increase your money and time
  • Ensure all your ideas are in alignment with profitability and freedom
  • Intuitively choose the idea that will generate the most joy, energy, money, and free time with the least time investment in your specific situation

Summer Module

Your inner summer energy is the energy of action and actually implementing your ideas.

  • Stay connected to your purpose, even when you are busy
  • Free up space on short notice for aligned money & time generating actions
  • Save time through doing one thing at a time
  • Do much more than you thought possible by doing the scariest actions first
  • Learn the 10 actions you can take to receive money right away
  • Discover 13 Ways to instantly free up your time
  • Learn how to structurally increase your joy and vibration
  • Keep track of your money & time
  • Learn how to intuitively feel when it’s time to relax
  • If you can't stop going and going, connect intuitively to the reason why

Autumn Module

Your inner autumn energy is the energy of reflection, letting go, harvesting, and relaxing.

  • Create structural space in your life by permanently deleting misaligned, unprofitable, and time-consuming things from your to-do list
  • Feel out what’s behind your continuous running in summer and solve it
  • Be proud of the fact that you have realized your purpose
  • Reflect on how much money & free time you have actually created
  • Be grateful for your money & free time to receive more of it in the future
  • Increase the amount of money & time you allow yourself to have
  • Experience a meditation to help you relax, enjoy, and receive!

Structure of the season modules

Each season module is comprised of:

  • Information about the season, its energy, and its qualities
  • Examples of healthy seasonal energy
  • What your next step in this season could be to generate money and time
  • Common pitfalls in each season and the negative impact on money and time
  • Guidelines on how to avoid and solve these common pitfalls
  • Practical money & time tips
  • ntuitive exercises to overcome your fears
The season module starts with a lesson of approximately 45 minutes. You will also get 5 small follow-up exercises of about 10 minutes each. 

How to Proceed After the 30 Days

Module. How to Proceed After the 30 Days

Picture this: In 30 days, you have walked the entire MoneyTimeWheel™. For a month you've been immersed in winter energy, spring energy, summer energy, and autumn energy. In the bonus, you've also learned how to use your inner season energy to solve your blocks.

Of course, it is not always practical to stay in a single season for just one week! At some points, it’s more convenient to stay longer in summer, and at other points it can be better to stay in winter.

The last module ‘How To Proceed After the 30 Days’, therefore, provides guidelines on how to use the Wheel structurally in daily practice.

Moreover, you will receive this great bonus!

Bonus 'Conquer Your Money & Time Saboteur' - a value of € 50

Do you feel that something deep inside you keeps you from increasing your money or freeing up your time? Maybe you've tried mental methods that never seem to do anything—or maybe you don't know what this block or resistance is at all.

In this meditation, you will discover where you sabotage yourself by tuning in to your higher purpose and listening to the wisdom of your body. Intuitively, you will transform the sabotaging energy and open yourself up to cash and free time.

This meditation uses MoneyTimeWheel™, and the duration is 23 minutes.

I've tackled my saboteur and in 1 week time 3 new clients! Really amazing!

I am very happy with the training. I've tackled my saboteur and something really changed: in 1 week time 3 new clients! Really amazing.

Elma van der Salm,

I removed a block and now I can play and do things my way!

I have a very busy practice with sufficient growth. However, I couldn’t manage it to bring my ideas to life.

The saboteur exercise in the MoneyTimeWhee™ helped me to remove a block that prevented me from doing what fits me. I felt (literally) the weight of this obstacle, which allowed me to dissolve it.

I feel that I’ve started a new phase in my life, where I’m allowed to play and do things my way!

I’ve consciously planned time on my agenda for the things I’ve always wanted to do, like developing workshops, creating online courses, and writing a book. I feel like I found my own strength again.


Special offer until November 30th

Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

When you subscribe in November, you also get 2 more bonuses! 

A value of € 150

Money & Time™ 

Group Healing 

.A Money & Time Healing™ works at an unconscious level and surpasses your thinking brain. Very often your Money & Time blocks melt away like snow in the sun; you don't have to do anything for it!

More than once. participants have mentioned that money and or free time flowed in after the healing. 

Q & A + Reading 

Group Session

Ask your questions about the MoneyTimeWheel™ in this Q & A session and receive practical answers.

When you feel blocks around money & time, ask them too! A reading quickly reveals the hidden spiritual root of your money & time problems and gives you concrete answers to solve your fears, doubts, and blocks.

My daily schedule is now adjusted to what I truly desire

I earned enough but had problems with regard to time. I had no proper schedule and no focus. I played games as an escape and felt I was wasting my time.

After the healings, 

Now I feel much at ease. I no longer judge myself for behavior that I consider as ‘unwanted’ and I’m much more satisfied with my current life.

My daily schedule is now adjusted to what I truly desire: the mornings are reserved for self-development, afternoons and evenings for massages and teaching.

Rob Beenker,

After the healing, they accepted my higher rate without hesitation!

Before the healing, I had a call from a new client asking how much I charge, I gave her my old rate.

After the healing, two new people called and I immediately gave my new higher rate. They accepted my higher rate without hesitation!

Also, my healing work was even stronger today.

Nancy Lindgren,

I received 2 new clients after the reading

The messages that you shared from my guides and teachers resonated with me.

It was confirmation of what I was creating.

Your tips on how I can shift my energy are practical and will be easily implemented.

After the reading, 

I received 2 new clients. It was a beautiful confirmation that the processes I used in the past and now started to use again, have results!

Barbara Ptak

The Q & A session gave me new insights on money & time, like the realization that I can put myself in the first place instead of someone else. 

Monique van Dam,

Special offer until November 30th

Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

Feel the MoneyTimeWheel™ might be for you?

Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or are just starting, and whether you have too little money or too little time,
the MoneyTimeWheel™ is for you!

To succeed, it’s essential that you:

  • Are determined to achieve your higher purpose
  • Have the willingness to do whatever it takes to improve your money & time situation
  • Are open to spiritual, intuitive ways of working

It is not a good idea to sign up if you:

  1. Are not ready yet to do inconvenient things—changing your money and time situation requires personal growth
  2. Don't like guided meditations
  3. Are not able to connect with your intuition and feelings
Have a question? Just write an email to to discuss the possibilities.

What you get when you subscribe:

Actively create income and freedom aligned with your purpose. Discover your natural money and time rhythm so that doing business is easy and fulfilling.

Of course, you'll learn everything in an intuitive, playful, and practical way!

The Season Modules

  • Winter module. Connect with your higher purpose and use it as an anchor to make decisions.
  • Spring module. Choose the ideas that will generate the most profit in the least time possible.
  • Summer module. Work effectively, do the work, take the scary actions, be super focused, and stay healthy and energetic. 
  • Autumn module. Evaluate, remove everything that does not serve your higher purpose and does not bring money and free time, enjoy your well earned money and time, be grateful, and relax!
  • 'How to Proceed After the 30 Days' module.  Practical guidelines on how to use the Wheel structurally in daily practice. 

The Bonuses

  • Bonus #1. Conquer Your Money & Time Saboteur. Free yourself from your money & time issues and step back into flow and profit.

Extra bonuses when you subscribe in November

  • Bonus #2. Money & Time Group Healing. Let the spirits help you to melt away your blocks and attract the money & free time you desire.

  • Bonus #3. Q & A + Reading Group Session. Answers to your questions about the MoneyTimeWheel™ plus advice to solve your fears, doubts, and blocks.


The total value of the MoneyTimeWheel™ plus your 3 bonuses

is € 600...

But up ‘til November 30, the investment is only € 150!

€ 600

€ 150

Special November Offer!

Until the end of November, the investment for the MoneyTimeWheel™ and the three bonuses is only € 150 (approximately $170 US*).

As soon as your payment has been received, you will get access to the MoneyTimeWheel™ materials and receive the details for the Money & Time Group Healing and Q&A Session.

*Price is in Euro, exclusive of VAT. Price in dollars may vary depending on the current exchange rate. For non-Dutch European entrepreneurs, VAT will be added, depending on your business situation.

  • I could sink into my body and feel again.

    Although I am a very intuitive person, I often catch myself living too much in my head (esp. under stress!).

    I liked the MoneyTimeWheel™ so much, I could sink into my body and feel again. I just loved the kinesthetic approach!

    I felt my own money & time rhythm.

    What a relief I could do it my own way and not someone telling me ‘you have to do it exactly like I do it.

    Tami Gulland,

    I finish my sessions on time

    I used to catch myself extending the time for a client's session without being paid for that time.

    Annie suggested that I could work from my feminine energy.

    This has had major consequences for my practice. because I finish my sessions on time and am no longer a thief from my own wallet.

    Maaike Tamis,

    I just had a top month!

    For a while, I was already aware that I have an energetic influence on attracting money. When I relax, let go and trust, the clients easily flow to me.

    Although I know that being relaxed is essential for getting more income, I do not always succeed.

    A week after Annie's healing, things are going well. There are new clients every day. I feel more relaxation and more air in my body. I just had a top month!

    I'm even changing my offer of treatments, so there’s a whole shift going on! I'm happy!

    Eva B.

    Special offer until November 30th

    Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

    If the answer you are looking for is not included, please send an email to 

    and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

    FAQ MoneyTimeWheel

    Are the inner seasons also 3 months long?

    No, absolutely not! The inner seasons are about your ability to feel what you can do best at a certain moment. So you really don't have to stay 3 months in the winter ;-)!

    Can I get a taste of the MoneyTimeWheel™?

    Yes, of course. Just click this link and get a first feeling of your inner Money & Time seasons.

    Once I have learned the wheel, how much time do I spend with it after that?

    That depends on your business and personal situation. E.g. when you have a lot of blocks, you will walk the Money & Time Saboteur more often. The value of the Wheel lies in walking it frequently and getting better aligned to your purpose and making more profitable and time effective choices. That will take time, but you would have spent that time on your business anyway. The difference is that the time investment in the Wheel actually generates money, time, and fulfillment!

    What exactly is a Money & Time Healing™?

    A Money & Time Healing™ is a spiritual healing, given by the spirits with Annie acting as a medium. Spirits can be guides, angels or deceased loved ones (both myself and yours). A spiritual healing is soft, very powerful and has a long lasting effect on both body and mind.

    All participants receive the healing together at the same time. The only thing you have to do is sit (or lie) in a quiet place. Turn your phones and computer off and keep your eyes closed. You don’t have to be online; it’s an energetic healing. The duration of the healing is 15 minutes.

    You can experience all kind of things (feeling relaxed or emotional or energetic). Sometimes participants feel nothing but experience the healing later.

    We are not online after the healing. Sometimes people fall asleep or just want to relax for a while after the healing. So I would like to give you the opportunity to sleep or relax!

    You will receive the report of the healing by email and of course you can share your experiences with the healing and/or ask questions to Annie.

    What exactly is a Money & Time Reading™?

    A Money & Time Reading™ is a reading of your energy and will give you valuable answers to your urgent money & time problems.

    Annie will act as a medium, tune into your energy and the spirits will give insights, advice and answers to your questions. Spirits can be guides, angels or deceased loved ones (both myself and yours).

    My role and the role of the spirits is to give you the guidance, insights, tools and practical tips to make your own decisions. Always feel for yourself whether what the spirits say resonate with you. You stay in control!

    When is the healing and the session?

    The healing will take place in December 2018 and the session in January 2019. The dates and times are announced well in advance and planned in such a way that you can easily participate anywhere in the world.

    What if I cannot attend the healing or the session?

    You can ask your questions in advance and you will receive a report of the healing by email and a recording of the session, so that you can read or listen to everything at a time that suits you.

    The healing also works if you have no opportunity to sit or lie in a quiet place at the scheduled time. The healing is still working a day later, just tune into the healing later to receive its benefits.

    Is personal coaching included?

    This is a self-study program. The bonus #3 is a Q&A/reading group session in which you will receive answers to your questions. If you need more personal guidance, please contact Annie about the possibilities.

    How do I know this program is right for me?

    You are a spiritual entrepreneur and you are determined to achieve your higher purpose, have the willingness to do whatever it takes to improve your money & time situation, are open to spiritual, intuitive ways of working.

    How do I know this program is NOT right for me?

    It is not a good idea to participate if you are not ready yet to do inconvenient things (changing your money and time situation requires personal growth), don't like guided meditations, are not able to connect with your intuition and feelings.
    Still feel doubtful? Just write an email to to discuss the possibilities.

    What's your refund policy?

    All sales are final. We feel we’ve done everything to explain what the program is about to help you decide whether it’s right for you, but if you have any questions before deciding, just send Annie a message at

    What are the privacy and business policies?

    Click here for the privacy policy and here for the business policy.

    Special offer until November 30th

    Amazing discount + 2 extra bonuses

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