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Free Audio: 'Meet Your Money & Time Spirit'

Let your Money & Time Spirits guide you to 

more time and money!

In this guided meditation you will: 

  • Meet your Money & Time Spirit. Yes, money & time have a soul and spirit as well, since they are entities itself!
  • Communicate with your Money & Time Spirit and discover what they have to say to you
  • Heal your Money & Time Spirit, so that they can help you even better to achieve your higher purpose
  • Get advice from your Money & Time Spirit to manifest more aligned money and more free time.

In addition to this free audio, you will regularly receive my Money & Time Inspiration e-mail with insights, inspiration and practical information on money, time, purpose and what is needed to create more aligned money and free time. 

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You will meet your Money & Time Spirit and get advice from them to manifest more aligned money and more free time
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