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More Confidence and More Fulfillment

12-month program

Well Hello, Sweet and Amazing Spiritual Entrepreneur!

How are you? 

And how is your business going?

When I ask the first question I usually get a positive answer, fortunately! The second question is a painful one for many spiritual entrepreneurs because their business is not doing well at all.

They started their business to help other people with their intuitive gifts. They wanted to have the freedom to work in their own way. But, the reality is that their business generates too little money for their desired lifestyle.

And if they do have enough clients and income, they have no time for family, friends, and fun. They feel like victims of their own success.

Was that what you had in mind when you started your business? I guess you didn't! When you have to struggle for money, doing business is tough, exhausting and frustrating.

How does a lack of money or time show up in YOUR life?

You have 

a lack of money

Your bank balance is declining, you may even going into debt and you wonder how long you can continue to be an entrepreneur.

You are scared to death to be visible. You don't go to network meetings and don't post on social media. So you don't generate any income.

You've spent thousands of dollars on marketing courses, but you just don't take any action. You feel like a coward because you don't make money, while you know exactly what to do for it.

You are 

short of time

You have enough income, but not a moment's rest in your life. You neglect the people who are important to you and even work during your holiday! 

You have been tired for so long and feel afraid you will burn out.

You don't dare raise your rates, because you are afraid your clients will run away. Therefore you keep working too hard for too little money.

You feel blocks around 

money or time

Do you sabotage your own success? You have experienced nasty things in your life and therefore you feel you are not worthy of having abundance, money or free time. 

Do you have limiting beliefs about money which keep you from earning more of it? 

You hired coaches who taught you rational tools to solve your blocks. But you just stayed in your head, so your blocks didn't get solved at all. They have even gotten worse.

It’s possible for you to have plenty of money & time!

There are enough spiritual entrepreneurs in the world who have plenty of money & time. 

So it’s possible to have both! You too have the ability to:

  • Make enough money with the work you love
  • Show yourself to the world with confidence and attract clients
  • Dare to apply your marketing skills and generate enough cash flow
  • Have a successful business and have plenty of time to enjoy your life
  • Feel healthy and work in a relaxed way
  • Raise your rates, keep your clients, earn more money in less time
  • Let your money & time blocks and resistances disappear (intuitively!) and manifest money and time with ease and joy

My online sales doubled

Although I had clear ideas about how my online business model should look like, I did not take enough action. 

In the program I found the courage to really take the necessary steps towards earning money online. Every day, I free up enough time for actions to grow my online business further.

Once I fully embraced working online, it went very fast. Halfway through the program, my online sales already made a nice leap, as the number doubled!

Elma de Bruijn,

I work 10 hours a week less, while the money keeps flowing in

I was stuck in survival mode for too long and my higher purpose was more in the background.

In the program, I connected myself strongly to my destination. Although money is no longer my main focus, it keeps flowing in.

The program made me realize how difficult I make it for myself with my high working ethic. I immediately adapted my agenda and my working hours.

All in all, I work 10 hours a week less.

Lia Koek,

I am teaching plenty of courses again

I didn't have enough clients and I even thought that I would never teach pregnancy yoga again!

Moreover, I didn't dare say that I work intuitively. I did not promote myself out of fear that I couldn't do it.

What is it like now? I have taken action and applied everything I know about marketing in practice.

The result? I am now teaching plenty of courses again.

Coby de Jong,

Interested? Let's talk!

To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

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Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018

only € 500,-

(payment plan available)

What do you need to have enough

money, time, confidence and fulfillment?


Follow your higher purpose

Follow your higher purpose in every aspect of your business as the leading principle. Spiritual entrepreneurs can only be successful if they honor their higher purpose in their life and business. 

Live your natural money and time rhythm

Live your natural money and time rhythm. Feel at which moment you have to take money generating actions and at which moment you can relax. Then you will generate cash flow in as little time as possible and have enough private time.

Dissolve your money & time blocks

Solve your money & time blocks that keep you from living your purpose and that are holding you back from creating the income and freedom you desire.

Do the work

Doing the inner work as described above AND taking all the needed (scary) actions will actually manifest the money and time you are dreaming of.

Use your intuition

Use your intuition and playfulness in everything you do in your business. Then entrepreneurship becomes just as fun and fulfilling as guiding your clients!


Does this sound good to you?

Check out the Money Time School™ 

and see how it enables you to manifest 

more income, freedom, 

courage, and meaningfulness

What exactly is the Money Time School™?

The Money Time School™ is a 12-month online school that helps you to create 

more money, free time, confidence and fulfillment in an intuitive, playful way.

The School is comprised of the following components:

Money & Time Healings™

to liberate you from your money & time blocks, so that you can attract the money & free time you desire with confidence. More info about the healings.

Money & Time Readings™

to become aware of your hidden money & time resistances and transform them easily into cash, flow, and joy. More info about the readings.

Money & Time Creation Tools™

to actively create income and freedom aligned with your purpose. You discover your natural money and time rhythm so that doing business is easy and fulfilling. These tools together are the unique MoneyTimeWheel. More info about the tools.

Money & Time Inspiration Sessions™

to show you that you have an essential role to play in improving the world, giving you the courage to take all the scary steps needed to accomplish your soul's mission. More info about the sessions

Money & Time Community™

to encourage you to do the work, to help you persevere when it’s difficult. To make more money and work in flow supported by a like-minded group. More info about the community.

Money & Time Bonuses™

to develop your money & time intuition even more, and free yourself from your money & time issues. The 3 bonuses are:

  • Conquer your Money & Time Saboteur
  • Heal Your Inner Child for Profit & Flow
  • Dreaming Money & Time Towards You
More info about the bonuses.

All components of the Money Time School™ are designed to help you 

attract aligned money with confidence and free up time for your private life

They accepted my higher rate without hesitation!

Before the healing, I had a call from a new client asking how much I charge, I gave her my old rate.

After the healing, two new people called and I immediately gave my new higher rate. They accepted my higher rate without hesitation!

Also, my healing work was even stronger today.

Nancy Lindgren,

I ask easily for money

After the healing, I clearly felt more relaxed. It felt like a holiday, I could just enjoy life!

I also easily ask for money for my work, this doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable as it used to be.

Marian Osse,

I raised my rates and soon a lot of new clients came in

I struggled for a while to raise my rates and felt a lot of insecurity about it. 

In the program, I felt my own value inside myself and therefore I could see the value for my clients. 

Immediately after returning from my maternity leave, I increased my rates for new clients.

The step itself felt uncomfortable at first, but soon a lot of new clients came in and my decision felt right.

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest,

Interested? Let's talk!

To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

Click on the link below to schedule your call. I look forward to meeting you!

Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018

only € 500,-

(payment plan available)

How does the Money Time School™ work?

Private membership site

On a special private membership site, you will find the Money & Time Creation tools and bonus exercises.

Online learning at your own pace

The School is completely online; you can participate from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule. You get the information in the form of videos, audio, and written text.

Intuitive ways of working

The School works with guided meditations, playful exercises, nature metaphors, dreams, intuitive readings, and healings. Exactly the way you like to work so that doing business is easy and fun!

Schedule of the healings, readings and inspiration sessions

Every quarter you’ll receive 2 healings, 1 reading and 1 inspiration session. The dates and times are announced well in advance and planned in such a way that you can easily participate anywhere in the world.


This is a private online group. You will get answers to your questions about the tools, healings, readings, inspiration sessions, the bonuses and all the other things you have to deal with in practice.


You become a member of the School for one year. To create the profit, freedom, self-confidence, and fulfillment you desire, it’s essential to use the tools and support for a longer period of time. You can extend your participation every year. 

Meet the founder of the Money Time School™


"Hi, my name is Annie Massop, Money & Time Healer.

Is having enough money and time really a matter of luck? Or can you do something about it yourself? As a successful spiritual entrepreneur with years of experience, I can tell you that enough money and time is much more than chance or luck. You do have an influence on it!

Read my money & time story

I have always easily made good money in my life. 

But when more money came in, I would also spend more money until there was never any left. I also worked too many hours. 

Whatever I did, I kept working too hard. So my energy and finances decreased dramatically.

When a brother of my deceased father 'accidentally' told the real story of their youth, I discovered that the main reason for this pattern originated from my father's family. 

My grandfather and his sons had to work hard for very little money and were also exploited by their bosses. They were very poor.

Energetically, I had received the message from my father, "You must always work hard for your money.

So I continued to work hard and spend every penny I made, even though I knew that wasn’t a wise decision.

After this awareness, I solved these money & time blocks through mediumship healing and inner child work. 

I made healthy business decisions, spent money consciously, chose a better business model, rearranged my tasks, hired a more affordable virtual assistant and managed my time better.

The results? I have much more money in my bank account, plenty of free time and much better health.”

I’m so impressed with how I’ve felt since Annie did the healing

I noticed that before the healing I had a lot of anxiety when I would look at my investment accounts.

I’m so impressed with how I’ve felt since Annie did the healing. Since the healing, I can look at my investment accounts and even if they’re dropping I feel okay. 

I realize I’m in them for the long term, so I feel much more detached now and most days don’t even think about it.

Marti Murphy,

I don't know how she does it, but Annie most definitely has a gift. Wow!

I was getting ready to host my annual 3-day event in a couple of weeks and it's traditionally a very busy time for me. 

There were concepts that Annie talked about with time that changed something without me having to DO anything to change it. 

It's like time stood still for me and I had more than enough time to enjoy my family and life, AND prepare for my big event.

She has a gift, I don't know how she does it, but she most definitely has a gift. Wow!"

Angella Johnson,

Annie is very powerful while she also shows her own growing pains

Annie guides everything with wisdom, knowledge, playfulness, and humor. 

The beauty is that she is very powerful, while on the other hand she also shows her own growing pains. That makes us equal, which for me is very pleasant. 

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest,

Interested? Let's talk!

To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

Click on the link below to schedule your call. I look forward to meeting you!

Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018

only € 500,-

(payment plan available)

Why the Money Time School™ helps you to create more income, freedom, courage and meaningfulness

When you consistently use the spiritual, intuitive and practical tools and support of the School, you:


Tune into your higher purpose anytime, anywhere

tune into your higher purpose anytime, anywhere, so that you see the meaning and purpose in everything that happens. Problems become challenges and you see them as an opportunity to grow.

Raise your vibration every day

The higher your vibration is, the more situations, people, resources and support you will attract that resonate with that higher vibration and will help you achieve your higher purpose and the money and time you need for it.  

Increase your ability to receive more money and free time

Because it is the size of your ability to receive, that determines how much you actually receive! You learn to raise your upper abundance limit, to increase your havingness so that you open yourself up to the good of life. 

Transform your resistance, blocks, fears and doubts into confidence, profit and flow

Transform them in an intuitive way! You discover the roots of your money and time problems and pave the way for a stream of abundance.

Step into the higher version of yourself, who has the courage to:

actually, raise rates, be visible, say No to clients who are exhausting and delegate work. You will have the courage to treat yourself as a valuable and important person because that is essential to achieving your purpose.

The day after the healing 3 clients asked for my support

Honestly, I forgot about the healing, my child needed me at that time and my mind was elsewhere.

The day after 3 clients asked for my support.

I also had the insight on how to increase my passive income!

Helga Peeters,

I  received 2 new clients after the reading

The messages that you shared from my guides and teachers resonated with me.

It was confirmation of what I was creating. 

Your tips on how I can shift my energy are practical and will be easily implemented.

After the reading, I received 2 new clients. It was a beautiful confirmation that the processes I used in the past and now started to use again, have results!

Barbara Ptak,Manitoba, Canada

After the healing, I got a client without directly doing anything

After the healing, I noticed numerous effects. My dreams have become calmer. I was plagued by nightmares for a while, but they have lessened.

In the days that followed, I got a client without directly doing anything: a former colleague contacted me to inform me she wanted to follow a program with me.

Sharon Smeets,

Interested? Let's talk!

To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

Click on the link below to schedule your call. I look forward to meeting you!

Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018

only € 500,-

(payment plan available)

Who is the Money Time School™ for?

Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or are just starting, the Money Time School™ is for you!

To succeed, it’s essential that you:

  • are determined to achieve your higher purpose
  • have the willingness to do whatever it takes to improve your money & time situation
  • are open to spiritual, intuitive ways of working

It is not a good idea to participate if you:

  1. are not ready yet to do inconvenient things (money and time healing requires personal growth)
  2. don't like guided meditations

Still feel doubtful? Just write an email to to discuss the possibilities.

My procrastination (and flu!) disappeared

I had sold an online training, but I still had to fill in the details. I was procrastinating and couldn’t start. 

Within 2 weeks after the healing, I gave a webinar and the start of the program was planned and carried out.

I did not think about the healing as it was happening when I was teaching a class, whilst I had a flu. During the hour, my flu totally disappeared.

Jolanda Herngreen,

I have time to walk for 1 hour a day, while I have enough income

I had full working weeks, so no good balance between work and private time.

I received too many assignments, I had to say ‘No’ very often. Although I could easily financially deal with fewer assignments, I did not dare refuse any further work.

I learned that doing something new often produces uncomfortable feelings and that I shouldn’t suppress them, but just embrace them.

So the program has given me a lot of free time (I even have time to walk for 1 hour a day!), while I have enough income.

Olga Klok

I finish my sessions on time

I used to catch myself extending the time for a client's session without being paid for that time.

Annie suggested that I could work from my feminine energy. 

This has had major consequences for my practice. because I finish my sessions on time and am no longer a thief from my own wallet.

Maaike Tamis,

Interested? Let's talk!

To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

Click on the link below to schedule your call. I look forward to meeting you!

Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018

only € 500,-

(payment plan available)

Why is it a good idea to join?

When you join the Money & Time School™ and you do the inner and outer work, you will:

Accomplish your mission

and making the world a better place. That gives a sense of meaningfulness and fulfillment

Earn your bread (and topping!)

with the work you love, which gives you autonomy and joy

Help all the people you are meant to serve

while having time to enjoy your life

Do less work in the least time

while still giving your clients full value

Earn more in less time

while you have a good health and feel relaxed

Have practical money and time creation tools

in your pocket, which you can use all your life

Choose the right marketing tools 

You know what you should pay attention to when choosing marketing tools

Choose the right people to work with

You know what you should pay attention to when choosing coaches and people to work with

Doing business if fun and easy

You do business in a playful and intuitive way, it's fun and easy!

The fear and my hip blockage (!) are gone and I got a flow of clients

I became much calmer in my entrepreneurship, the fear is gone. I can do things at my own pace, everything may occur at its own time. 

Because I learned to stand closer to myself and be more open to receiving, I gained a greater flow of clients during the program.

A very special effect of the healings was that the hip bone blockage, which I’ve had for a long time has disappeared. 

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest,

I regained confidence in my own abilities

The healings help me overcome my uncertainty. They remind me that I can be patient because I am still learning. 

After the healing, I regained confidence in my own abilities. Moreover, it gives me energy.

It is nice that the healings are at a distance because I don't have to travel.

Aafke Hoekstra, 

I could leave my past behind and take a new road

My intuition and my rational mind were quite often in conflict, making me insecure until it was no longer clear whether I was on the right track.

During the healing, I felt like I could leave my past behind and take a new road. 

A few days later, I got a lot of beautiful ideas, which had been dormant for a long time and now floated to the surface. Now it is clear to me in what order I need to do things.

Joanne van Onkelen,

Interested? Let's talk!

To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

Click on the link below to schedule your call. I look forward to meeting you!

Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018 

only € 500,-

(payment plan available)

Summary of what you get when you participate

8 Money & Time Healings

€ 400,-

Make space for 

more abundance in your life and business.

4 Money & Time Readings

€ 400,-

Lighten up your blind money & time spots 

to create the life you desire.

Money & Time Creation Tools € 400,-

Manifest flow and cash 

in your own money & time rhythm.

4 Money & Time Inspiration Sessions € 400,- 

The spirits give you a broader and inspirational perspective on money and time. 

Money & Time 

Community  € 1000,- 

Continuous support to get the maximum result from the tools, healings and readings.

3 Bonuses 

€ 400,-

#1 Conquer Your Money & Time Saboteur

#2 Dream Money & Time towards you

#3 Heal Your Inner Child for Profit & Flow

The total value of the contents of the 

Money Time School™ is € 3000, -

It’s my mission that as many spiritual entrepreneurs as possible will benefit from the valuable information and support from the School so that they can make the so much needed positive change in the world, 

while earning a good income with enough free time.

Therefore the investment is very affordable, it is only: € 1000,-. 

Moreover, because this is the very first time I am offering the Money Time School™, I decided to give you an even more affordable special introductory price (which will never come back again!)

Until September 21, 2018, the investment is only: 


Single Payment

  • € 500,-

    Save € 500,- until September 21, 2018


    4-Quarter Payment Plan, Total € 700,- 

  • € 175,-

    Save € 300,- until September 21, 2018

    Prices are in Euro, exclusive VAT*, and are calculated per membership year.

    Prices in dollars may vary depending on the current exchange rate.

    *For non-Dutch European entrepreneurs VAT will be added, depending on your business situation.


    A limited number of participants

    The School starts for the first time on October 1, 2018. For this round, there is space for a maximum of 20 people, who can participate at the special introductory price.


    The School is constantly increasing in value because new self- healing exercises and insights of the spirits are constantly being added. The investment will therefore also increase in the future.

    If you participate now, you will continue to stay locked into this introductory price for as long as you are enrolled in the program. However, if you choose to cancel after one year and then re-join us in the future, the current rate will apply.

    Introductory price is valid until September 21, 2018


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click on the button below to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for is not available, please send an email to and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

    Using your intuition to create a successful business really works

    Does intuition also work to create a successful business? I say wholeheartedly: 'Yes!

    Annie has a super practical approach with full attention to use your intuition. Even more, her healing and reading sessions are so beautiful. No abracadabra approach. 

    With these sessions, she is hitting the nail on the head! You will receive tools to help you take steps forward.

    I'm happy with it because the breakthrough of old patterns gives me a lot of peace.

    Elma de Bruijn,

    Annie's guidance is not just about money, it's much and much wider. 

    She takes your higher purpose as the starting point, the task you have on earth and teaches you to define your financial goals from this task. 

    Money thus becomes something spiritual, which motivates to be really committed to achieve that income. 

    Anneke Schram, Bergen

    This saves me 5000,- euro a year

    I felt that something was holding me back in my marketing, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    The meditations made it clear to me what the fear was and where it was stuck in my body. It made the fear less frightening and easier to deal with.

    I have decided not to do any more large projects for a fixed amount.

    That saves me at least 5,000 euros per year because I won’t give away so many free hours anymore.

    MD, online marketeer

    Interested? Let's talk!

    To make sure that the Money Time School™ is the best choice for you, we first will have a short conversation.

    Click on the link below to schedule your call. I look forward to meeting you!

    Special Introductory Offer ends September 21, 2018

    only € 500,-

    (payment plan available)


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