Money Reading

Get to the heart of the matter regarding your money problems

You are a spiritual entrepreneur who wants to help other people with your intuitive gifts. You want to have the freedom to work in your own way. But ...

The reality is that your business generates too little money. Whatever you do, the money flow stagnates, and that's extremely frustrating.

Being an entrepreneur is becoming tough and exhausting. That wasn't what you had in mind when you started your business!

You're experiencing this:

You feel a money block, but you can't put your finger on it

You feel that you have a block around receiving money (or keeping it!), but you are not able to understand what that block is about. 

Trying to figure out your block by thinking about it doesn't help you any further.

You already have an idea of why you lack money

You are aware that you have limiting beliefs about money that keep you from earning more of it.

You have experienced nasty things in your life and therefore you feel you are not worthy of having abundance and money. You feel you sabotage your own success.

You know that an abundance mindset attracts more money, but whatever you try, you keep focusing on your lack of money.

You've tried rational ways to solve your money problems

You've already tried mental methods or hired coaches who taught you rational tools to solve your money problems. 

But you just stayed in your head, so your blocks haven't been solved at all. They have even gotten worse!

Do you want money to flow in and do you want your business to become profitable?

Then a Money Reading can be the solution for you!

A Money Reading:

  • Quickly reveals the hidden spiritual root of your money problem
  • Provides you with personalized metaphor(s) about your money mindset. That's the language your intuition understands!
  • Gives you practical answers on how to solve your fears and blocks around money
  • Helps you start building the profitable business you desire

How does the Money Reading work?

  • I tune into your energy and I'll receive insights and advice from the spirit world* about your biggest money block
  • In the reading, I pass the answers from the spirits on to you
  • If applicable, I will give practical business and marketing answers
  • We discuss what the best actions are to solve your money block so you can start earning the money you desire
  • Of course, everything is in alignment with your higher purpose!

The duration of the Money Reading is 45 minutes. We'll use the software Zoom (video call software, very easy). You will receive the recording of the reading. The reading can be given in Dutch as well as in English.

*The spirit-world consists of my guides, but they’re also your guides. They can be angels, past relatives or other beings from the spirit world. My role and the role of the spirits is to give you the guidance, insights, tools and practical tips you need to make your own decisions. Always feel for yourself whether the advice from the spirits resonates with you. You stay in control!

My money reading showed that I was in a long period of reflection, but that the future perspectives were good. I already feel that the first positive changes are beginning to appear. I am considering to have such a reading again!

H.D. life coach

With these metaphors, I can continue 

for years

The metaphors Annie gave me literally provide me with a grip. I need concrete images to get into action; having a feeling is not enough for me. With these images, I can continue for years.

They gave me another view on money and time. I never knew that I limited myself in abundance. 

These insights apply to my own life, but also to my clients' lives.

Elma de Bruijn,

I am convinced that I can do it!

I wanted to take a new direction with my business. As a content manager, I was (and am) successful, but also desired to pass on my knowledge to others through workshops and products.

Although I certainly knew I wanted to do this, I had a lot of doubts as to whether I could earn money with this new direction. It felt like giving up a piece of security. And where did I get the time to start all this properly?

I gained more insight into the deeper meanings of money and time, a broader perspective on both. That made me feel calm and relaxed, I could just take steps in all confidence.

Meanwhile, I gave 2 workshops.

The clients were without exception very excited. The 3rd and 4th workshop is scheduled already. Through the workshops I already got three follow up orders. 

I am very pleased to teach my knowledge and coach my clients. In addition, I am completely convinced that I can do it!

Monique van Dam,

I received 2 new clients after the money reading

The messages that you shared from my guides and teachers resonated with me.

It was confirmation of what I was creating.

Your tips on how I can shift my energy are practical and will be easily implemented.

After the reading, I received 2 new clients. It was a beautiful confirmation that the processes I used in the past and now started to use again, have results!

Barbara Ptak,Manitoba, Canada

What's the investment for this Money Reading?

€ 187,50 

As soon as your payment has been received, you can schedule your reading in my online calendar. 

Price is in Euro, exclusive of VAT. Price in dollars may vary depending on the current exchange rate. For non-Dutch European entrepreneurs, VAT will be added, depending on your business situation.

  • Annie’s money & time story

    Hi, I am Annie Massop, Money & Time Healer.

    I have always easily made good money in my life. But when more money came in, I would also spend more money until there was never any left. I also worked too many hours. Whatever I did, I kept working too hard. So my energy and finances decreased dramatically.

    I discovered that the main reason for this pattern originated from my father. He came from a very poor family. My grandfather and my father had to work hard for very little money and were also exploited by their bosses. I did not know because my father never spoke about it during his life, but his brother told me later.

    Energetically, I had received the message from my father, "You must always work hard for your money. You're an exploiter if you earn a lot of money in little time!" So I continued to work hard and spend every penny I made, even though I knew that wasn’t a wise decision.

    After this awareness, I solved these money and time blocks. I made healthy business decisions: I spent money consciously, chose a better business model, rearranged my tasks, hired a more affordable VA, and dealt better with my time.

    The result? I have much more money on my bank account and have plenty of free time.

    I live in the Netherlands with my husband. My children stay abroad; my son in England and my daughter in New Zealand. What a blessing that the internet makes it possible to keep in contact with my children and work with my clients all over the world!

    Since 2012 I have been a successful entrepreneur, first as an intuitive marketing coach and now as a money & time healer.


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