Money Confidence Scan

Free 45-minute session + intuitive mini-money-reading

Who is this for?

This Scan is for spiritual entrepreneurs* who know that they are ready to transform their money problems, let go of self-doubt 

and manifest money consistently

What is Money Confidence?

Money Confidence is the state of mind in which you are completely convinced of your value and you feel confident that there will always be enough money, regardless of the size of your bank account. Whatever happens, you'll always feel relaxed, fully relying on the universe.

And because you are in that state of confidence you are constantly creating the energetic space, which ensures that money flows effortlessly towards you.

What happens in a Money Confidence Scan?

  • The Scan is a 45-minute online conversation**, in which we identify your current Money Confidence level and why it is causing your current money problems. 
  • The Scan includes an intuitive mini-money-reading about your biggest money block,
  • We will discuss your vision for your ideal Money Confidence experience, that will allow you to attract the money you desire.
  • In conclusion, you will get clarity about the steps you need to achieve your money goals.

*Your profession can be healer, reader, coach, therapist, artist. But you can also be a website builder, virtual assistant, SEO expert, accountant. It doesn't really matter what your profession is, as long as you are open to intuitive and spiritual methods.

** We'll use the software Zoom, very easy to use

This is not for everyone!

It's 100% free, no strings attached, however ...

  • This free Money Confidence Scan is only for spiritual entrepreneurs who are determined to solve their money challenges
  • You are fully prepared to do ALL the inner and outer work to step into the rich, aligned and confident version of yourself
  • You are currently taking action, or ready to take action to work consistently on your Money Confidence and thus manifest the money you desire

How to apply for this free Money Confidence Scan 

If you want to qualify for a free Money Confidence Scan, please apply by clicking on the yellow button below. You will then receive an e-mail with further information. 

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Note. If the conversation shows that I can help you reach your desired Money Confidence and if you are open to it, I will make you an offer. It's also possible that I refer you to a colleague. .

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