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Connection, Inspiration and Support

I am so grateful for a group like yours, Annie! What a difference it makes with the right people who have a similar understanding about energy, HSP, Law Of Attraction, connecting to spirit... any or all of it! It has been of great value to me to connect with like-minded.

Joanne Jaworski,

What is the Circle of Abundance?

When you join the Circle of Abundance, you are part of a group of motivated spiritual entrepreneurs who want to fulfill their soul mission.

This is a place where you can brainstorm with people who are equally committed to their business as you are to yours and a place for you to receive input and support as well as supporting others.

On top of connecting with like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs, you’ll receive the following:

  • Powerful masterclasses facilitated by myself or other spiritual experts jam-packed with inspiration to manifest more income, more flow, more fulfillment

  • Inspiration and insights to connect deeper with your higher purpose, earn more money and gain more free time

Stories of Circle Members

I received a lot of insights, which has enabled me to heal many blocks in myself

Annie is a source of inspiration for me. It is nice to be present in this group, and in this energy. She pays a lot of attention to the members. She really wants to help the members. It is safe here.

I can be vulnerable in the group, ask questions and the members help me to find the answer.

The exercises, assignments, questions, and live-streams have already given me a lot of insights, which has enabled me to heal many blocks in myself.

I am a huge fan of her powerful healings. 

Edith Helwegen, 

Psychological, therapeutic and spiritual insights to discover / uncover issues about time & money

This group constantly reminds me of the importance to tune into my intuitive self, to pick up the messages from my soul. 

The posts in this group also help me to stand still at least once a day and think about or remind myself regarding important things like gratitude, helping each other, sharing thoughts and staying tuned to a positive vibe.

What I like is how Annie can make a very practical and effective mix of psychological and therapeutic insights together with spiritual insights to discover and uncover issues about time and money.

Indurekha Vader,

I realize that my higher purpose is the vehicle to earn money

I am inspired by the way Annie Massop asks questions about spiritual subjects and experiences; further and deeper; general and yet personal.

Time after time I get insights when I share my story in the group about my life, my convictions and beliefs, my higher purpose and my experiences.

I realize that my higher purpose is the key to my growth as a spiritual entrepreneur and the vehicle to earn money and time.

For me, the Circle of Abundance is a warm and safe bedding where I can flow in love and understanding and with like-minded people 

Jozan Coenen,

Do you want to join this amazing community?

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