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Can't choose from the many ideas you have? Do you launch service after service, but don’t they generate any income? Do you keep running and never have time off? Is your work no longer fulfilling you, but you don’t know what does? Do you have enough income, but no time to enjoy your life? 

The Money & Time Creation Tools™ from the MoneyTimeWheel™ will lead you to your own solutions!

The MoneyTimeWheel™ guides you to know 

your inner seasons with time & money

Meet the Money Time Wheel™

The MoneyTimeWheel™ guides you to know your inner seasons with time & money. All inner seasons are needed to create aligned money and freedom. When walking (literally!) the MoneyTimeWheel™ you will step into your natural money & time rhythm and increase your income and free up your time.

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Contents of the season modules

Winter module

Your inner winter energy is the energy of your soul and purpose.

  • Connect intuitively with your purpose
  • Receive a practical intuitive anchor to make money & time decisions aligned with your purpose
  • Feel from within when it’s the right time to stop meditating and resting
  • How to easily reconnect to your purpose, when you are too busy

Spring module

Your inner spring energy is the energy of getting new ideas to realize your mission and to generate the necessary money and time.

  • Tons of practical suggestions to increase your money and time
  • Check all your ideas on alignment and on profitability and freedom
  • Choose intuitively the idea that will generate the most joy, energy, money and free time with the least time investment in your specific situation

Summer Module

Your inner summer energy is the energy of action and actually implementing your ideas.

  • Stay connected to your purpose, even when you are busy
  • Free up space on short notice for aligned money & time generating actions
  • Save time through doing one thing at a time
  • Do much more than you thought, by doing the scariest actions first
  • 10 actions you can take to receive money right away
  • 13 ways to instantly free up your time
  • How to structurally increase your joy and vibration
  • Keeping track of your money & time
  • How to feel when it’s time to relax
  • If you cannot stop running: connect intuitively to the reason why

Autumn Module

Your inner autumn energy is the energy of reflection, letting go, harvesting and relaxing.

  • Create structural space in your life by permanently deleting misaligned, non-profitable and time-consuming things from your to-do list
  • Feel what’s behind your continuous running in summer and solve it
  • Be proud of the fact that you have realized (a part of) your purpose
  • Reflect on how much money & free time you have actually created
  • Be grateful for your money & free time to receive more of it in the future
  • Increase the amount of money & time you allow yourself to have
  • A meditation to just relax, enjoy and receive!

Structure of the season modules

Each season module comprises:

  • information about the season, its energy and qualities;
  • examples of healthy seasonal energy;
  • what your next step in this season could be to generate money and time;
  • common pitfalls per season and the negative impact on money and time;
  • guidelines on how to avoid and solve these common pitfalls;
  • practical money & time tips
  • intuitive exercises to overcome your fears
The season module starts with a lesson of approximately 45 minutes. You will also get 5 small follow-up exercises of about 10 minutes each. 

Through these intuitive and practical money & time creation tools  you allow yourself to:

  • Make money & time decisions aligned with your higher purpose, which will lead to generating more money and freeing up time
  • Be super-efficient, knowing exactly what to do (or let go of)
  • Choose easily from all your ideas the ones that will lead to money
  • Shorten your to-do list
  • Find the time to establish the next level in your business
  • Create time for your family, friends, and fun
  • Take a new, fulfilling direction in your business
  • Find your own answers to your money & time problems, from within!

I benefited a lot from the awareness that my business - like nature - has natural rhythms and that at some times during the cycle, it is better to take rest than to take action. Annie herself is a good example; she lives what she propagates. I think that's courageous. It makes her trustworthy.

Brechtje Schoofs,

Space in my head and in my calendar

I had an abundance of ideas, but I didn't know which one to choose to implement. 

Due to urgent private circumstances, I was pulled in different directions, which forced me to make choices.

Despite my heavily overloaded schedule, I did make time to do the exercises of this program.

That has had its results.

The connection with my mission has deepened enormously. I have a clear direction and a concrete, workable plan for the next months. All 'have-to-do' actions and all ideas that are not aligned with my higher purpose, I have deleted from my life. 

That gives so much peace and space. Not only in my head but also in my agenda.

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest, 

I could sink into my body and feel again. 

Although I am a very intuitive person, I often catch myself living too much in my head (esp. under stress!). 

I liked the MoneyTimeWheel so much, I could sink into my body and feel again. I just loved the kinesthetic approach! 

I felt my own money & time rhythm. 

What a relief I could do it my own way and not someone telling me ‘you have to do it exactly like I do it.

Tami Gulland,

I feel at ease, more energetic and I have more time for myself. I can breathe!

I never took enough time to relax or recharge. Often I said ‘Yes’ when someone

asked me something, always ready to help someone out. It felt like I was

constantly on the run and exhausted.

The MoneyTimeWheel allowed me to

take many small subtle steps, one at a time, that have together made a huge

difference in my life.

I now consistently plan more free time for myself and easily say “No” to tasks and people that would cost too much of my energy. I set priorities and also leave

things up to others. I don’t have to do everything myself!

I feel at ease, more energetic and I have more time for myself. I can breathe!

How special, that only 1.5 hours a week gave me so many positive results.

Petra Reintjes,

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