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Work with me

Money and Time Healing ™ | Annie Massop

My mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs to achieve their purpose and create the necessary money and time for that

I work with spiritual entrepreneurs who have enough clients, yet want to create an even better world with their work. They would like even more time or money in their life and business, but are unsure how to do that without working harder.

Common problems for my clients are:

- Feeling afraid to raise their rates;
- Feeling stuck against an income ceiling;
- Feeling overwhelmed by work 

Some of the kinds of spiritual entrepreneurs I have worked with include: coaches, therapists, healers, readers, artists, architects, bookkeepers, marketing consultants, content website builders, mediators, celebrants, virtual assistants, etc.

My programs are a great fit for you when you are open to a spiritual approach of money & time and are ready to do what is needed to fulfill your purpose.

My Vision

Your life purpose is the most important mission you have to do.
You have been given unique talents, situations, resources, even people - from the universe to help you fulfill it.
So like these things, money & time will always available to you!
You have the unconditional support from the spirit world* to help you achieve your purpose, so you do not have to do it alone!

Check out my programs and resources to fulfill your mission, get the impact you desire and have all the time and money you need for that. 

11-weeks program

MoneyTimeWheel Intensive

Walk The MoneyTimeWheel, Live According Your Inner Seasons And Expand Your Money And Free Up Your Time!

3-months healing

Aligned Abundance

Receive More Money, More Time and More Fulfillment By Aligning Your Life and Work to Your Purpose

*What is the spiritual world? That is a very broad concept. It can be guides, angels, loved ones who have passed, natural beings, your body wisdom, God, Buddha, the Universe, Divine intelligence, etc. It does not matter which name you give it; it's about what you regard as this spiritual support that is always available to you.