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Speaker | Annie Massop

Annie will change your view on money and time forever!

Are you looking for a speaker who can give your audience an unorthodox and spiritual perspective on money & time? A speaker who can elevate the minds of the attendees, so that they leave with the determined motivation to actually improve their businesses, free time, and bank-accounts?

Then Annie Massop is your go-to person!

Annie’s workshops are full of healing, playfulness, and practical money & time tools. Participants may even be moved to tears when they learn that creating more impact, money, and free time is not hard, but that it can be spiritual, intuitive, and fun. 

Keynote topic

Online workshop includes a money & time healing

Debunking the Myth of Scarcity:

Why there is always enough money and time

Are you an spiritual entrepreneur who wants to change the world and reach far more people with your work? Do you feel that in order to achieve this big impact you have to sacrifice your free time?

Please, step out of that myth! The world doesn’t need another overworked coach, therapist, healer, bookkeeper, VA or whatever your profession might be. The world needs you to be fit, energetic, joyful, alive, and profitable, because only then you can serve the world the best!

In Annie’s workshop you will:

  • become aware why you feel there is always too little time & money
  • experience that you have always enough money & time when you are connected to your higher purpose
  • learn intuitive tools to overcome your money & time blocks
  • receive a money & time healing, which will connect you even deeper with your Purpose. Very often, participants feel much more positive about money and time, which is of course necessary to creating more of both!

This workshop lasts typically 1.5 hours, including Q&A.

Next Step

Would you like to have Annie speak at your next event?

Please send an email to info@anniemassop.com and include the following details:

  • date and time of the event
  • audience profile (stage of business, average biz income range)
  • specific topic(s) about money & time

In-person workshops on this topic are also possible. Please contact us at info@anniemassop.com to discuss the details.