Raving Clients Annie Massop

Raving Clients

"Your time will expand and your peace of mind around money will be there"

"I had one conversation with Annie about money and time healing and I wasn't aware of the impact it had the most remarkable weekend ever.

I was getting ready to host my annual 3-day event in a couple of weeks and it's traditionally a very busy time for me where I have never felt there was really enough time to get everything done.

BUT, there were concepts that Annie talked about with time that changed something without me having to DO anything to change it. I proceeded to have the most expansive few days I ever remember having and that energy has continued on.

It's like time stood still for me and I had more than enough time to enjoy my family and life, AND prepare for my big event.

What stood out even more to me was the peace in my mind and heart - things just flowed and I was enjoying every second. I went into my next couple of weeks being calm and grounded. I was present for the things that really mattered in my life and that made a huge difference for my confidence, marriage, and joy.

Whenever you can be around Annie and learn from her, do it. Your time will expand and your peace of mind around money will be there. She has a gift, I don't know how she does it, but she most definitely has a gift. Wow!"

~Angella Johnson, founder of IGNITE at www.AngellaJohnson.com

"I'm connected to my destination again. Money comes to me naturally and I work 10 hours a week less"

“Although my spirits told me I could ask high amounts and my customers actually paid these amounts, I felt highly uncomfortable when receiving so much money.

Due to past personal circumstances, I was stuck in survival mode for too long and my higher goal remained more in the background. Due to the old fear of shortage of money, my focus was mainly on earning money, which greatly reduced my life's joy.

In the program, I connected myself strongly with my destination. I really converted: I can do this, I want to do this, I have to do this! Then I felt more powerful and much more worthy to bring my new training in the world. My energy was flowing more. Although money is no longer my main focus, I can easily get it and it naturally comes to me.

I now understand why I used to do so little on marketing and my website: I did,’t see my value and did not stand for it. Now I know how much I’m worth and that I may monetize that. I feel relaxed when I receive money.

The program also made me realize how difficult I make it for myself with my high work ethic. The insight that you can see free time as an investment in your health and future brought me a lot: I immediately adapted my agenda and working hours. All in all, I work 10 hours a week less.

Annie is very involved. Through her energy and by what she says, she gives a lot of inspiration about money and time (more than she realizes ;-))!”

Lia Koek, warmehanden.nl

"After the healing, two new people called and I immediately gave my new higher rate"

“Before the healing, I had a call from a new client asking how much I charge, I gave her my old rate. After the healing, two new people called and I immediately gave my new higher rate. They accepted my higher rate without hesitation! Also, my healing work was even stronger today.”

Nancy Lindgren, www.nancylindgren.com

"The healing felt like I was in God's presence, what an awesome feeling!"

“I'm reluctant to say this because I've never experienced it before. During this time, I was in a state of deep relaxation, which has been hard because of lack of deep sleep since about the middle of last week.

I saw a vision, multiple times of God's eye looking down on me. It would appear and then cover over with a gray cloud and then come back. I could see the clouds move out of the way and the eye would be looking at me again.

It felt like I was in God's presence, what an awesome feeling!”

Linda Henslee, lindahenslee.com. 

"Halfway through the program, my online sales already doubled"

“My big dream is to help many more people with my services, to have more impact AND to have enough time and freedom in my private life.

To achieve that, I needed to lift my business to a higher level. I decided to say goodbye to more offline work (my current customers are still served) and offer all my services online.

Although I had clear ideas about how my online business model should look, I did not take enough action. The fear that my online business might fail, prevented me from taking concrete steps. I stayed in 'old' offline habits for too long, while the online results lagged behind.

In the program, I found the courage to really take the necessary steps towards earning money online. Every day, I free up enough time for actions to grow my online business further.

Once I fully embraced working online, it went very fast. Halfway through the process my online sales already made a nice jump, as the number doubled! I am convinced that working online works for me and I have full confidence in the future.

I now consistently say no to new customers who want to work offline with me. I offer them an online program or refer them to colleagues (who reimburse me if the deal continues: a beautiful passive income source).

This program is very intense, but definitely worth it.

I can recommend it to any spiritual entrepreneur who wants to grow to a higher level or wants to make the switch to other offers. In a short while you can take that step or make that shift!

It's really a boost for your business!”

Elma de Bruijn, elmadebruijn.nl

"I feel a lot calmer whenever I've been dealing with money in any way"

I don’t know what Annie did and I don’t care. 

I just know that I felt a lot calmer after her energy work whenever I’ve been dealing with money in any way. Spending or Paying Bills. 

I can’t quite describe it other than to say, I knew she was doing this collective healing and I didn’t even sit quietly as I had an appointment. I did set the intention that regardless, I would get the healing that was meant for me.

I’m so impressed with how I’ve felt since Annie did the healing. 

I noticed that before the healing I had a lot of anxiety when I would look at my investment accounts. I did tap in this and it helped, but I feel like Annie’s healing was the extra shot of energy. 

Since the healing, I can look at my investment accounts and even if they’re dropping I feel okay. I realize I’m in them for the long term, so I feel much more detached now and most days don’t even think about it.

Thank you Annie.

Marti Murphy,  martimurphy.com

"My new direction is successful and I can do it!"

“I wanted to take a new direction with my business. As a content manager, I was (and am) successful, but also desired to pass on my knowledge to others through workshops and products.

Although I certainly knew I wanted to do this, I had a lot of doubts as to whether I could earn money with this new direction. It felt like giving up a piece of security. And where did I get the time to start all this properly?

In the program, I gained more insight into the deeper meanings of money and time, a broader perspective on both. That made me feel calm and relaxed, so that I could just take steps in all confidence.

Meanwhile I gave 2 workshops. The customers were without exception very excited. The 3rd and 4th workshop are scheduled already. Through the workshops I already received three follow up orders. I am very pleased to convey my knowledge and coach my clients. In addition, I am completely convinced that I can do it!

Monique van Dam, marketingenergy.nl

"The combination of spirituality + practical knowledge and tips on money & time is great!"

“I felt that something new was developing inside me, but because I could not shape it yet, it caused impatience and unrest. By gaining insight into where I stand in this process, more rest has come.

The program has given me a lot.

Things have been cleansed and I have more clarity through the healings and the readings. That's why I see the bigger perspective, which gives insight on where what I want to pay attention to right now or later.

There truly is space for your inner process in the program. That lead me to make practical choices. Now my impatience about what to do next has disappeared completely. I feel calm and confident that this step will take shape in its own time.

This just happened by understanding where I am standing now. As a result, I could let go of things that are not important right now and have confidence that this will be dealt with eventually when it's time for it.

The combination of spirituality + practical knowledge and tips about money and time is great. Not many coaches work like this


I benefited a lot from the awareness that my company - like nature - has natural rhythms and that at some times during the cycle, it’s better to take rest than to take action.

Brechtje Schoofs, brechtjeschoofs.nl 

Raising my rates is easier because I first felt my own value inside

“When I started with this program, I was too busy. I felt hurried: if I don’t take steps to grow my practice now, I will miss the boat. The continuous worry took a lot of energy from me, and I was tired of it.

After this program, I became much quieter in my entrepreneurship. The fear is gone. I feel a solid foundation and trust. I can do things at my own pace and everything may occur at its own time, as it may unfold.

Because I learned to stand closer to myself in my entrepreneurship and be more open to receive, I gained a greater flow of clients during the program.

I struggled for a while to raise my rate and felt a lot of insecurity and resistance about it. But now I'm going to take this step soon, at my ten-year business anniversary. It is now easier since I first felt my own value inside myself and therefore can see the value for my customers. It’s still exciting, but it feels so much better because I know I can justify my decision to my customers.

A very special effect of the healings in the program was that the hip bone blockage which I’ve had for a long time has disappeared. I feel a lot more flexible now!

I experience it as a relief that I am a conscious spiritual human being AND as an entrepreneur can be seen as one. Previously, I had the idea that both were separated and the ways to get work on them were also divided. Annie made a very nice connection between them, thank you for that!

The program does not seem that long, but make no mistake. It is very intense and brings about a very profound change. Be sure to make space for it when you participate, but it is worth it!”

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest, pinklotus.nl

I have a lot of free time (I even walk one hour a day!), while I have enough income

“I had full working weeks, so no good balance between work and private.

I received too many assignments (I work with intermediaries who give me assignments), so I had to say ‘no’ very often. Although I could easily financially deal with fewer assignments, I did not dare to refuse any further work.

In the program, I found out that I was afraid to stop getting any assignments if I would say no to them. In my head, I knew that this would not happen. My feelings said something different, which is why I didn’t refuse those assignments and kept working too hard.

I learned in the program that doing something new often produces uncomfortable feelings, that’s just part of it. I shouldn’t suppress those uncomfortable feelings (or eat them away, one of my weaknesses), but just embrace them.

I took the risk: I canceled 3 assignments, had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed my free time.

After that, something else happened: 2 colleagues who I had trained, after graduation, also received several assignments. As such, less work for me. In the past I would have cared, but now not at all. I thought to myself, how kind of the universe that there is less work for me. Thank you!

All in all, the program has given me a lot of free time (I even have time to walk 1 hour a day!), while I have enough income."

Olga Klok

Now it is clear to me in what order I need to do things

“I asked for a healing to help me listen more to my intuition and less to my ratio. These were quite often in conflict, making me insecure until it was no longer clear whether I was on the right track.

During the healing, I felt like I could leave my past behind and take a new road. A few days later, I got a lot of beautiful ideas, which had been dormant for a long time and now floated to the surface. Now it is clear to me in what order I need to do things.”

Joanne van Onkelen, humaninbalanze.nl

All negative feelings were being washed away

“I felt as if my aura was being cleansed and that all negative feelings were being washed away! Also, I've been waiting for an overdue invoice to be paid and it was paid today! Thank you!”

Terry Johnson, terryjohnson.online 

Annie's guidance is not just about money, it's much and much wider

“Annie's guidance is not just about money, it's much and much wider. She takes your higher purpose as the starting point, the task you have on earth.

She teaches you to define your financial goals by knowing this task. Money thus becomes something spiritual, which motivates to be really committed to achieving that income.”

Anneke Schram, Bergen

I know exactly which actions I must take to realize my ideal life, ideal business and ideal income

“Thanks to Annie's meditations and super practical tips, I know exactly which actions I must take to realize my ideal life, ideal business and ideal income. I believe in it!

Annie's method is truly unique! In a very soft way - from intuition and your higher goal – you set a hard income goal that fits your ideal life. That feels very good, both are necessary for business.”

Birgitte Woltman, tijdomvoorjezelftekiezen.nl