Aligned Abundance - 3 months Money & Time Healing™

3 months of spiritual Money & Time Healing™

Aligned Abundance

Receive more money, time and fulfillment

Only 3 things

There are only three things needed for
a successful spiritual Money & Time Healing™:

1. Being determined to achieve your higher purpose
2. Have the willingness (and doing the work) to change your money and time situation
3. Open yourself for the healing

That’s all! Yet, we’ve been made to believe that it has to be much harder or complicated. What if it doesn’t? 

Is this you?

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur whose greatest wish is to fulfill your mission,
to earn more than enough money, and 
to have more than enough time?

Despite this desire, do you feel something is blocking you to earn enough money and have enough time? Do you experience symptoms such as:

  1. Too little money
  2. Too little time
  3. Overwhelmed by work
  4. Fear to raise your rates
  5. Worries if you will have enough money for the future
  6. Poor health or feeling exhausted

Does having both money and time seem impossible, not to mention achieving your higher purpose at the same time?

Of course you have tried to solve your money and time problems already. After all, you are determined to make your mission come true and to have a successful business.

Aligned Abundance

After the healing, I immediately gave my new higher rate

Before the healing, I had a call from a new client asking how much I charge, I gave her my old rate. After the healing, two new people called and I immediately gave my new higher rate. They accepted my higher rate without hesitation! 

Nancy Lindgren,

I feel a lot calmer whenever I've been dealing with money

I noticed that before the healing I had a lot of anxiety when I would look at my investment accounts. Since the healing, I can look at my investment accounts and even if they’re dropping I feel okay. I realize I’m in them for the long term, most days I don’t even think about it.

Marti Murphy,

Have you done this too?

Did you think a lot about your money & time blocks? Have you been looking for mindset and productivity coaches? Did you follow programs of money-mindset coaches? Have you meditated and visualized to make your money and time blocks disappear?

And then this happened! You:

  1. sat in your head and just kept mulling your blocks over and over;
  2. got tired of the mental training;
  3. felt tremendous resistance to money mindset coaching because the only thing they spoke about was money;
  4. did not get rid of your money & time blocks

I get it! The above ways are often too mental for intuitive and spiritual people. 

When you consider time and money as energy, everything changes!

When you consider time and money as energy, everything changes.

How you feel about time and money is your personal money and time energy. If you have problems in terms of money or time, you have somewhere (unconsciously) misaligned money and time energy within you. 

In addition, suppressed emotions about money and time are stuck in your body. For example, you will stutter and sweat when you make your offer or get literally stuffy when you give a webinar.

Important to know: there is always enough money and time

You have come to earth to fulfill a particular task. Some spiritual entrepreneurs call it their mission, others call it their higher purpose or their "why."

The universe wants you to realize your higher purpose and that's why you get exactly those talents in your life to fulfill that mission. 

When you are well tuned into your 'why' and doing the work, there will always be enough money and time!

All negative feelings were being washed away

I felt as if my aura was being cleansed and that all negative feelings were being washed away! Also, I've been waiting for an overdue invoice to be paid and it was paid today! 

Terry Johnson,

After the healing I had a top month!

After Annie's healing, things are going well. There are new clients every day. I feel less tension and more air in my body. I just had a top month! I'm even changing my offer of treatments, so there is a whole shift going on! 

Eva Bos, Utrecht

Misaligned money and time energy can be healed!

Healing in general solves traumas, unhealthy patterns, and obstructive beliefs. Money & Time Healing™ focuses specifically on money and time. It removes misaligned money & time energy and solves blocks that stop you from making your higher purpose come true. 

After a money & time healing, you're more tuned to your mission. Your money and time energy is aligned and therefore you take healthy money and time decisions as a matter of course*.

Money and time issues are addressed at the root and transformed at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) so that you can fully realize your mission.

A spiritual approach with healing fits with spiritual entrepreneurs very well. After all, that's the way they work with their clients and how they themselves live.

* Obviously, it remains necessary to take action. Situations or people blocking your higher purpose have not suddenly disappeared after a healing! 

You must solve those situations yourself, you must have a conversation with those people yourself. The healings however, will give you the insight and the courage to address this.

I ask easily for money

After the healing I clearly felt more relaxed, like the next day would be a holiday, just enjoying life! 

I ask contributions for my work with ease, this does not make me feel uncomfortable like it used to.

Marian Osse,

After the healing I directly got a client without doing anything

After the healing I noticed its numerous effects.

My dreams have become calmer. I was plagued by nightmares for a while, but they have lessened. 

In the days that followed I immediately got a client, without doing anything: a former colleague contacted me to inform me she wanted to follow a program with me.

Sharon Smeets, balanced-identity.n

What is possible if 

your time & money blocks disappear?

What is possible if your time & money blocks disappear?

  • You are tuned into your higher purpose, taking aligned time & money decisions that make this higher purpose come true.
  • The universe sees that you take your higher purpose seriously and will support you by sending you more money and time.
  • Helpful situations, people and resources come along without you having done anything about it 
  • You feel it's absolutely possible to have both money and free time. You will find the possibilities to make this happen.
  • You feel the confidence to raise your rates
  • You are energetic and fit, feel calm about your money & time, You feel your life is meaningful, you feel fulfilled.

Note: be prepared for money and time to show up in a completely different way than you expect!

What do you get?

Aligned Abundance gives you healing to solve 

your money and time blocks. 

During the healing you receive the following:

  • Your connection to your higher purpose will be enhanced
  • You get better access to the wisdom of your spirits and your guides
  • You become aware of your money & time blocks
  • Money and time blocks are solved
  • Some blocks will have been resolved even before you are aware of it (you will notice that by feeling energetic and positive)


  • Afterwards you will receive an online report of healing
  • You get practical tips to integrate the healing into your daily life
  • You receive exercises for an even deeper connection with your higher purpose and with your spirits
  • Very often, the spirits give insights and messages about money, time and higher purpose to help you create aligned money & time (I can not guarantee this, it depends of what the spirits think is needed)
  • There is the opportunity to share your experiences, ask your questions about the healing and connect with the other participants  

I could leave my past behind and take a new road

During the healing, I felt like I could leave my past behind and take a new road. A few days later, I got a lot of beautiful ideas, which had been dormant for a long time and now floated to the surface. Now it is clear to me in what order I need to do things.”

Joanne van Onkelen,

I got a very clear picture of a money block!

During the healing, I got a very clear picture of a money block - it was like it popped right up out of nowhere! Today, as I walked the dog, I had two more "realizations," one of which came and went (so hopefully I will remember it or it will just take care of itself.)

Mary Strachan,

Practical details

Who gives the healing?

In spiritual healing, the healing is given by spirits, with Annie acting as a medium. Spirits can be guides, angels or deceased loved ones (both myself or yours). A spiritual healing is soft, very powerful and has a long lasting effect on both body and mind.

Group healing on distance

All participants receive the healing together at the same time. The only thing you have to do is sit (or lie) in a quiet place. Turn your phones and computer off and keep your eyes closed. You don’t have to be online, it’s an energetic healing. The duration of the healing is 15 minutes.

When are the healings given?

Aligned Abundance starts on August 30th 2017.
The healing take place every 2 weeks at Wednesdays at 21.00 pm Dutch time (= 15.00 pm ET) to make it possible for people from any time zone to attend. The last healing will take place on November 22th 2017.

What if you can not attend?

The healing also works if you have no opportunity to sit or lie in a quiet place at the scheduled time.

The healing is still working a day later, just tune into the healing later to receive its benefits.

Report of the healing

You will receive a online report of the healing within 2 hours after the healing. Mostly the spirit world have advices and insights for the participants. Read the advice carefully and feel what advice resonates with you, you remain in control!

Are we online after the healing?

No, we are not online after the healing. Sometimes people fall asleep or just want to relax for a while after the healing. So I would like to give you the opportunity to sleep or relax!

You can read the online report of the healing and of course you can share your experiences with the healing, communicate with other participants and/or ask questions to Annie.

What effects to expect?

You can experience all kind of things (feeling relaxed or emotional or energetic). Sometimes participants feel nothing but experience the healing later. Be aware of your dreams, unexpected situations and sudden insights.

Questions about the healing

The online report of the healing is placed in a Facebook group and on my website too. You can respond to the healing in both places. On my website, you can do that anonymous.

I do not have to do this alone.

It’s NICE that you can be healed from a distance, without having to travel. 

These healings provide me a sense of TRANQUILITY, because I feel I do not have to do this alone.

Mariette Alofs,

Doubts have gone and I am focused!

I found a great target audience, but kept drifting towards other target groups. I had trouble staying focused. 

The healing was very powerful and had a lot of effect on me. My doubts have gone and I am focused. Even now that I’m working on my webpage, I get good ideas.


Need more information?

Do you have questions which are not answered on this page?
Please send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Another option is to apply for a short reading with Annie, Click here for more information about the reading.

Old fears and doubts are cleared

The healings cleared old fears and doubts. I felt it was necessary to go to the next plateau.

Elma de Bruijn,

A hip bone block which I’ve had for a long time has disappeared

A very special effect of the healings in the program was that the hip bone blockage which I’ve had for a long time has disappeared. I feel a lot more flexible now!

Ine von Dobschütz - Verbiest,

My flu has totally disappeared

I did not think about the healing as it was happening when I was teaching a class, whilst I had a flu. During the hour my flu totally disappeared.

Jolanda Herngreen,

The healing felt like I was in God's presence, what an awesome feeling!

I'm reluctant to say this because I've never experienced it before. 

During this time, I was in a state of deep relaxation, which has been hard because of lack of deep sleep since about the middle of last week.

I saw a vision, multiple times of God's eye looking down on me. It would appear and then cover over with a gray cloud and then come back. I could see the clouds move out of the way and the eye would be looking at me again.

It felt like I was in God's presence, what an awesome feeling!

Linda Henslee,

I felt very happy and full of trust.

I was sitting on a chair in my brother's garden. In the beginning it felt heavy and later on I relaxed and could let it go. The dog came over to me to sit on my lap. 

After 14 minutes I opened my eyes and in the grey and heavy clouds there was a little gap, the blue sky. And in that gap I saw a white heart, it was a cloud, so beautiful and so special. In that last minute the grey clouds closed the 'window'. 

I felt very happy and full of trust.

Johanna, Nijmegen

It was an intensive experience!

Although I wrote the time of the healing down in my diary, I completely forgot about it. I sat on the couch, relaxed, whilst watching the news. 

But I did not see or hear any of the news! After 20 minutes, I woke up with one cat on top of me facing me, very close. The other cat sat closely next to me on my right side.

It wasn’t until the email with a report of the healing arrived that I realised that I experienced the healing, without consciously engaging with it! Because I usually overthink things, this was a great experience.

Tineke van den Tillaart,

Annie’s money & time story

I have always easily made good money in my life. But when more money came in, I would also spend more money until there was never any left. I also worked too many hours. Whatever I did, I kept working too hard. So my energy and finances decreased dramatically.

I discovered that the main reason for this pattern originated from my father. He came from a very poor family. My grandfather and my father had to work hard for very little money and were also exploited by their bosses. I did not know because my father never spoke about it during his life, but his brother told me later.

Energetically, I had received the message from my father, "You must always work hard for your money. You're an exploiter, if you earn a lot of money in little time!" So I continued to work hard and spend every penny I made, even though I knew that wasn’t a wise decision.

After this awareness, I solved these money and time blocks. I made healthy business decisions: I spent money consciously, chose a better business model, rearranged my tasks, hired a more affordable VA, and dealt better with my time.

The result? I have much more money on my bank account and have plenty of free time.

I live in the Netherlands with my husband. My children stay abroad; my son in England and my daughter in New Zealand. What a blessing that internet makes it possible to keep in contact with my children and work with my customers all over the world!

Since 2012 I have been an successful entrepreneur, first as an intuitive marketing coach and now as a money & time healer.


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