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Meet Your Money & Time Spirit

Annie Massop | Money & Time Healer

Spiritual Entrepreneurs, you can have it all:

impact, money, and time!

Everything is energy, but of course you knew that already ;-).

Are you aware that money & time are also energy? And that in order to shape the vision you have in mind, your money & time energy needs to be totally aligned with your mission?

When your money and time are not aligned, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Worries if you will have enough money for the future;
  • Overspending or even spending to zero;
  • Fear to raise your rates;
  • Feeling stuck against an income ceiling;
  • Overwhelmed by work and neglecting your family, friends and hobbies;
  • Poor health or feeling exhausted

Misaligned money & time energy can be transformed into aligned energy through healing. When it’s aligned, you can create all the money & time you need in order to fulfill your mission. 

Are you longing to make a big impact, earn good money, 

and have plenty of free time?

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